Biden Honors Paul Pelosi During SOTU, Blames January 6 and Trump for Attack at His Home (VIDEO)

Joe Biden blamed Donald Trump and January 6 protesters for the attack on Paul Pelosi during his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Biden referred to the former president and protesters as peddlers of “hate and extremism.”

“For the last few years our democracy has been threatened, attacked, and put at risk. Put to the test here, in this very room, on January 6th,” Biden said. “And then, just a few months ago, unhinged by the Big Lie, an assailant unleashed political violence in the home of the then-Speaker of this House of Representatives. Using the very same language that insurrectionists who stalked these halls chanted on January 6th.”

Biden continued, “here tonight in this chamber is the man who bears the scars of that brutal attack, but is as tough and strong and as resilient as they get. My friend, Paul Pelosi.”

“But such a heinous act never should have happened. We must all speak out. There is no place for political violence in America,” Biden said. “In America, we must protect the right to vote, not suppress that fundamental right. We honor the results of our elections, not subvert the will of the people. We must uphold the rule of the law and restore trust in our institutions of democracy. And we must give hate and extremism in any form no safe harbor.”

Pelosi, 82, was arrested on May 28 after a car crash that California Highway Patrol officers said that he caused due to being drunk.

“His eyes appeared red/watery, he was unsteady on his feet, his speech was slurred, and he had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath. CHP determined Mr. Pelosi was the proximate cause of the collision,” Pelosi’s arrest report said.



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