Beautiful: Revivals Spread to College Campuses Across the Nation

Image: @PaulWorcester/Twitter


The Gateway Pundit has reported on the beautiful chapel service at Asbury University in Kentucky that lasted for 16 days. Thousands of people attended the event to receive a fresh touch from God.

In Santa Monica, thousands more gathered and marched in Jesus March Revival 2023.

Beautiful expressions of faith have continued to grow, perhaps in a much needed response to the evil presented to us day after day, and the movement has spread across the nation.

The Baylor student newspaper the Baylor Lariat reports:

On Feb. 19, Harris Creek Baptist Church held a worship and prayer service on Baylor’s campus, which has led students to participate in daily worship since. Services have been held from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. at Elliston Chapel, the George W. Truett Seminary Chapel and several off-campus locations.

Will Bowden, director of Waco Baptist Student Ministry, works with Christian organizations at McLennan Community College, Baylor and Texas State Technical College. He said the worshiping occurring on these campuses is student-led.

“The thing about what’s happening right now is that it’s very student-led… Sunday night there’s mostly students leading the prayer time and on Monday [from] 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., most of it was students coming up and confessing and sharing scripture. That’s probably why a lot of faculty don’t know yet: it really is students leading students,” Bowden said.

Bowden also said a large part of the revival movement in Asbury was encouraged by the university’s president who spread word of the worship. Bowden said he believes the president of Baylor could do the same thing.

“We have an amazing, God-fearing president at Baylor,” Bowden said. “Her and her husband love Jesus, and they’re behind a lot of this as well, so who knows what could happen if faculty get behind it.”

McLennan Community College Baptist Student Ministry president Lauren Baker said their worship service on Tuesday had been planned for months, before any “revival” began to grow in popularity. She said she has known God was going to move in her generation for years, and is happy to see it happen at Asbury and Waco. She said she hopes both cases are sincere in their intentions to praise God.

What a beautiful and much needed expression of faith.  It is particularly heartening that is has touched so many young people on college campuses across the nation.


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