The National Archives Lied – Claimed as Recently as September that It Had All Obama Records Ignoring Records Biden Stole

Add the corrupt gang running the National Archives to the list of Deep State gangsters who will lie to the American people while not doing their jobs and protecting national records.

Once again President Trump shines the light on another government agency that is run by corrupt actors. 

In 2022, we first approached the topic of Presidential records when President Trump’s home was raided in an unnecessary, unprecedented, and unlawful action by the corrupt FBI.  We soon found out that the President had the ultimate right to take whatever records he wished upon leaving the White House.  This was well defined in the Presidential Records Act.  He did nothing wrong.

“She’s Corrupt! She’s Out of Control!” – Tucker Carlson Calls for Demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson to be Impeached (VIDEO)

Then early this month the corrupt DOJ announced that they had found classified top-secret files in Biden’s possession that were illegally in his possession for years since he was Vice President.   VP Biden did not have the rights provided to the President when he obtained these documents and therefore they were stolen.

“Vice President Biden ABSOLUTELY STOLE Government Documents” – Attorney Mike Davis

So now we know that President Trump committed no crimes with classified information but Biden committed multiple felonies with stolen classified and top secret documents and this doesn’t consider whether he committed espionage by sharing these documents with foreign entities.

The obvious question after all of this is why didn’t the National Archives know that documents were missing.  This is a good question because this same entity claimed as recently as September that all of the Obama Administration documents are accounted for.

The National Archives had said in August that the agency “assumed exclusive legal and physical custody of Obama presidential records” when he left office in 2017, and the National Archives “maintains the classified Obama presidential records in a NARA facility” near the nation’s capital, stressing former President Barack Obama “has no control over where and how” the agency stores his records.

The agency then said in early September it was “false” that the National Archives had reported that a large number of boxes of Obama presidential records were missing, with the National Archives adding it was “not aware of any missing boxes of presidential records from the Obama administration.”

Now we know that the National Archives lied.  Former VP Biden held top secret classified documents in his possession and therefore they were not in the possession of the National Archives.

The political bias has reached the point in the National Archives and so many other entities where they will lie rather than share the truth.  


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