“We Must Clean Out the Rot and Corruption in DC” – President Trump on the House Committee on the Weaponization of the US Government

President Trump shared a message on the new US House Committee on the weaponization of the US government. 

America and President Trump were wrongly smeared and slandered during President Trump’s entire term in office.  The mainstream media worked like puppets for the corrupt Deep State in an attempt to remove President Trump from office.

President Trump released a video on Truth Social about the committee created to look into the weaponization of the US government against the American people.  He brings up some excellent points.

President Trump suggests the following topics be addressed:

  • Who on the Mueller witchhunt ordered dozens of cell phones to be wiped clean of all data?
  • Who on the Mueller team was in charge of leaking secret information and fake news to dishonest journalists?
  • Why did FBI and CIA professionals go out and purchase professional liability insurance the day the Steele dossier was first published?
  • Have any US journalists been paid to spread fake information as the FBI did with Twitter?
  • Who was behind the FBI in interfering in multiple US elections, especially in 2020?
  • What was the role of Federal Agents and related parties in pressing the crowd toward the Capitol on Jan 6?
  • Who is Ray Epps and where does he come from (I think we know)?
  • In addition, the Committee needs to do a comprehensive review of the FISA database to determine all individuals that were spied on illegally by illegal approvals.
  • We should get a full report of Biden’s spying on the Americans?

Here is the video below:


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