MSNBC Crank Says We Are Living in “Complicated Economy, Ma’am, But Not a Bad Economy” Lauren Boebert’s Response Was Epic

On Wednesday night, rep. Lauren Boebert went on a media blitz, jumping from FOX News to MSNBC in a matter of hours.  She started with an appearance on “Hannity” to discuss the historic House vote that is now going on Day 3 with a potential 7th straight loss for Kevin McCarthy, and a lower total vote count in the 6th vote compared to the 1st.   The Gateway Pundit covered this explosive interview last night.

Then, just a short while later, she appeared on MSNBC’s 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle.  During this hostile interview, a snarky Ruhle tells Boebert with a condescending “prayer” hand gesture:  “we are living in a complicated economy…ma’am…we are not living in a bad economy.”

But Boebert fired right back at the façade:

In the earlier interview with Hannity, Boebert mentions, “Hey, maybe I should nominate Donald J. Trump tomorrow,” which Hannity seems caught off guard by.  Later though, during her interview with Stephanie Ruhle, Boebert says that maybe the ideal candidate is someone that isn’t even in Congress.  Ruhle did not seem to like this much.  Ruhle mentioned Boebert’s earlier appearances.  Was she watching when Boebert talked about nominating Donald Trump?


Ruhle would go on to criticize the Congresswoman for trying to get concessions from McCarthy, such as the originally intended 1-person vote for a motion to vacate the Chair.

Hannity was making a similar argument.

MSNBC and FOX seem to agree that holding politicians accountable is not a good thing.

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