Updated: Marco Polo Group Releases More Documents Found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

UPDATE: The original article was incorrect due to the misunderstanding of time stamps on emails. We apologize to the Marco Polo group.

On Tuesday, TGP reported on an email from Hunter Biden that was sent to his business partner in crime, Devon Archer.  These two were on the Board of Ukraine’s oil and gas giant Burisma together.

The bulk of the email appeared to be from someone or some source other than Hunter Biden based on the information in it and the way it was written.  This email listed 22 points that looked taken from a government briefing.

We received a copy of this document from Hunter Biden’s laptop from XRVision.





Last night a series of tweets discussed this issue as warnings were given to whoever wanted to use the Marco Polo data from Hunter’s laptop.  This first tweet indicated that Garrett Ziegler was behind the falsified data at the Marco Polo Group.

When some unknown user at a Twitter account challenged those saying the Marco Polo data was falsified, a response showed evidence of this report above with edits date and time stamps.

In a rebuttal to this another document was shared with another date on the document.


In a follow-up post last night:

We determined that the information in this email sent from Hunter to Devon Archer is based on at least one classified US State Department briefing coming out of Eurasia.  This is the same State Department group that oversees Ukraine.

Based on an XRVision review of the original Hunter Biden laptop, Hunter was receiving classified State Department briefings on a regular basis and was using this information to promote the Biden family business worldwide.

UPDATE: We discussed the date and time change issues with some IT experts yesterday.  There may be a reason for the change but we would have to know the message ID in the metadata and the method of obtaining the information to ensure this document was the same time as the original copy of the laptop which we have access to.

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