Despite Pushback from Kern County, California Board of Supervisors, Citizens Demand Their Concerns with Election Integrity Be Heard at Tuesday Night Meeting

(Above, Kern County, California Board of Supervisors)

Last night California’s Kern County Board of Supervisors held a meeting, but they neglected to add to the agenda the topic of Dominion Voting Systems and its impact on voter integrity. 

In another county in California last night, Shasta County, the Board of Supervisors there voted not to renew the county’s contract with Dominion Voting Systems.

This was a big win for those in Shasta county concerned with election integrity because, after two years of investigation, discussion, and debate, most individuals who understand voter integrity believe that US elections should be more like they were in the past and the way that EU countries vote today.

The consensus is to have elections on one day with voters submitting IDs as a requirement to vote and voting on paper in precincts small enough to handle and count the votes on election day.  Until adequate controls are in place and transparency is part of the voting systems being used, most election integrity experts suggest going to paper ballots and getting rid of the machines.

This is why the Shasta County vote yesterday was good news to many.

BREAKING: Board of Supervisors in Shasta County, California Votes to Terminate Its Contract with Dominion Voting Systems and End its Use in Elections

However, the Board of Supervisors in Kern County, California acted differently when confronted with citizens who wished to be heard to discuss the topic of election integrity.

Former professor and New Mexico Attorney David Clements flew in for the meeting in Kern County and he was given only two minutes to discuss this very important issue facing our nation and Kern County.

The Board of Supervisors acted disrespectfully towards Clements and reluctantly listened to the members of the county who wanted to be heard and who wanted Kern County to vote to not renew the county’s contract with Dominion in the same manner that Shasta County did.

See video from the event last night in Kern County.

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