“Brazil…Live[s] Under Judicial Tyranny…Who Judges the Judges?” – Mathew Tyrmand Lists the Massive Issues Found in Brazil’s Presidential Election

Protests continued over the holidays all over Brazil

The MSM is finally noticing Brazil after 80 days of censorship.  Now that they can use yesterday’s protests to their “globalist integrative narrative” they finally report on the stolen election in South America’s greatest country. 

Mathew Tyrmand was on the War Room this morning where he shared the following:

Brazil has it with their courts.  They live under a judicial tyranny.  An autocracy of judges who were not elected but were appointed by politicians.  And obviously the greatest example is Lula appointed many of them and they let him out of prison.

Tyrmand then went on to describe how the corrupt Supreme Court in Brazil released Lula from prison and absolved him of all his crimes so he could run for President once again.  They then expunged his record so that he could run for office getting rid of the felony that prevented Lula from qualifying to run for office.

Tyrmand then talked about how Lula literally again told the world who he was.  TGP reported on this.

Brazil’s Communist President Lula Condemns Protesters Today as Stalinists… Then Quickly Corrects Himself, “No, Not Stalinists, Fascists!”

Tyrmand says, “Lula admires Stalin.  This was not a mistake by Lula.  It slipped out. It’s ridiculous who these people are.”

Tyrmand then went in to discuss the down-ballot differences with President Bolsonaro’s performance where his party crushed it but he somehow lost the Presidential election.

Then he discussed the anomalies in the election data.

The second there were questions about the credibility of this and allegations of fraud, they took the data down two days after from the public site so you couldn’t scrub it.”

The people of Brazil had the right to audit the machines, the code, and the tabulation data and the courts wouldn’t let them.  The military report confirmed this.

Who judges the judges?”

Millions and millions of people have peacefully protested this stolen election and the US mainstream media has ignored it.  The MSM is on the same team as election thieves and communists.  Think about that.

Tyrmand says:

The revolution would not be televised unless they could use it for their globalist integrative narrative.

Watch this incredible interview below:


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