Attorney David Clements Discusses Brunson Brothers’ and Mail-In Ballots Cases on Jan 6 at the Supreme Court in DC

Attorney David Clements called in live from the US Supreme Court Building on Friday in Washington D.C.  Clements was there to follow two key suits related to US elections. 

One case that the Supreme Court was going to decide whether it would hear was the Brunson Brothers’ case.  The Supreme Court was scheduled to determine whether the is case would be heard.

We’ve written extensively about this case and reported on it again yesterday.

Will Four Trumpet Playing Brothers Bring Harmony to the Broken 2020 Election?

The other case revolves around mail-in ballots and whether they are legal at all.  The argument, in this case, is that US elections should be held on a day, not over a large period of time.  Those who want to steal elections like the mail-in option because there is so much room for fraud.  We’re seeing locations like California, Colorado, and Maricopa County, Arizona use this process which allows bad actors to steal elections.

Here’s the Bonner case before SCOTUS on January 6, 2023, for conference by the Justices. Regarding the constitutionality (or not) of mail-in, no-excuse voting from anywhere in the world.

We should know on Monday whether these two cases will move forward in the Supreme Court.

Clements dialed into the Joe Hoft Show on TNT Radio.  Starting at the 13:00 mark of the audio below Clements shares his thoughts on these cases and the activities in DC on Friday.

Antifa showed up to counter-protest those seeking election justice.  Clements noted the two cases on election integrity that Americans were hoping would be taken up by the Supreme Court.

Clements then discussed how individuals were going to the DC Gulag from the Supreme Court Building for a prayer vigil.  This was before Ashli Bobbit’s mother was arrested for protesting by the Capitol Police, two years to the day after her daughter was murdered at the Capitol by the Capitol police.

Clements went on to clarify that each state has statutes on the time, place, and manner of elections and affirming the constitutionality of voting early.  Pennsylvania has already had a ruling on this and requiring same-day voting would “have a massive death forum to these fraud machines”.

During this same time period, a 13th round of voting was underway at the Capitol for Speaker of the House.

This interview was a good barometer of the day’s events on Jan 6, 2023.

Listen to the audio below.

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