29-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Posing As Student At New Jersey High School

A 29-year-old woman was arrested in News Brunswick, New Jersey after allegedly falsifying documents to enroll at New Brunswick High School as a freshman student.

The News Brunswick Police Department has charged Hyejeong Shin,29, “for providing a false government document with intent to verify age or identity.”

Hyejeong Shin reportedly attended classes for four days at New Brunswick High School before the faculty at the high school suspected she presented the registration office with a fake birth certificate

Students who had interactions with Shin found it hard to believe she was a freshman.


One student told the press  “Some of the girls I know, the girl did ask them to hang out at Commercial Avenue, but they never showed up, and she started acting weird with them.”

Some of the students even started a protest at the school to show their disgust with the schools security.


The New Brunswick superintendent’s office stated Shin was caught  during their  30-day time frame and would continue to say “state law prohibits a student being prevented from attending school based on lack of documentation.”

As of right now the motive why Hyejeong Shin enrolled at the high school is unknown.


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