Podcast: Restaurant Owner Who Was Raided Three Weeks Ago Over COVID Lockdowns in Virginia Shares With Gateway Pundit His HUGE Victory!

Gourmeltz 90’s Music and Draft House” is a dream come true for Matt Strickland, a 10 year Army combat veteran.  Strickland served 10 years as a combat medic at the most dangerous part of the Iraq/Afghan war:  the beginning.  In fact, his first day at his unit after finishing basic training was on September 10, 2001.  His first day at his unit differed drastically from how things would evolve over the coming days, months and years.

Leaving the military is always a difficult task for any veteran, especially a wounded combat veteran and medic who gave 10 years of his life to the service.  Often times, veterans struggle to find meaning or purpose after their time served.  Not Strickland.  He started his own food truck named “Gourmeltz” and quickly grew it into two more trucks.  The next logical step from there was a fixed location, which he opened in 2018.

Gourmeltz serves “made from scratch” meals, craft beers, and cocktails while playing nostalgic 90’s music videos that will bring back “the good ol’ days” for mom and dad while the kids probably laugh at the Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block on one of the 22 65″ TVs spread out through the restaurant.


Months before COVID sent politicians into mass hysteria and allowed bureaucratic entitles such as the CDC and NIH to mandate Draconian lockdowns and absurd illogical mask mandates, Strickland was about to sign a lease on more locations.  Thankfully, he did not.

Strickland would go on to challenge the Commonwealth of Virginia heads up and engage in a years long battle for his and his customer’s Constitutional rights.

His battle, and the unexpected challenges and lack of help from elected officials has prompted Strickland to himself run for Virginia state senate.  You can view Strickland’s campaign platform at MattForVA.com.

The Gateway Pundit has followed this story and reported on it previously here and here.

Strickland tells the story in the podcast below of his long battle with the Virginia Health Department and ABC, which issues and regulates liquor licenses.   (podcast begins at 2:40 after “live” intro music)

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