FED Chairman Jerome Powell Met with FTX’s SBF in February 2022 When the FED Was Examining a Federal Digital Currency

The FED’s Jerome Powell met with then CEO and founder of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) in February 2022.  This was the same time that the FED was examining the implementation of a federal digital currency. 

FTX’s founder SBF is sleeping in his parents’ basement after being rated one of the youngest billionaires in the world.  The former crypto king is now facing nine counts by the DOJ in the Southern District of New York related to defrauding its customers.

During his incredible rise, SBF was meeting some of the world’s top financial operatives.  In February of 2022, SBF met with FED Chairman Jerome Powell.

It’s unknown what was shared at this meeting but a short time later in June 2022, the FED announced its plans to develop a central bank digital currency.

As Inflation Skyrockets and Markets Collapse Fed Chair Jerome Powell Says Fed is Examining US Central Bank Digital Currency

This was at about the same time that FTX was dealing in cryptocurrency in Ukraine.

The FED’s efforts to jump into a cryptocurrency set off many alarm bells for those in the know.  If a cryptocurrency is used by the US government, it would give the country tremendous power over the people.

WARNING: A Future US Digital Currency Might Give the FED the Power to Approve Your Mortgage Based on Factors Other than Credit Worthiness

We’re not sure what went on in that meeting in February between Powell and SBF, but we can guess it referred to cryptocurrency.  They might have discussed how FTX could help manage the government’s digital currency or they might have discussed anything.

All we know now is that Jerome Powell is still doing a horrible job running the FED and SBF is still sleeping in his parents’ basement. 

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