The Far Left Is Petrified of a Free Twitter Where Truth and Freedom of Expression Will Explode

The far-left lunatics are frightened. They are very, very frightened. 

As was reported by The Gateway Pundit, the far-left is terrified of a free Twitter where bots are demolished and conservative accounts are not silenced.  One reason for this may be that the entire world will see that the majority of Americans love this country and despise the far-left policies of destruction.

Ultimately the left is afraid of the truth.

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Late last week, Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias took swipe at TGP for our honest reporting about Kari Lake and her stolen election. Elias is obviously upset that we are not the controlled opposition like the GOP.

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Today, another Deep State scavenger, Rick Wilson of the Lincoln Project, went after The Gateway Pundit.  Wilson compared Elon Musk’s recent bold and honest tweets to something The Gateway Pundit would produce. We’ll take this as a compliment.

The Lincoln Project’s founder, a colleague of Wilson’s, was busted for grooming underage teen boys. Sick.

We’ve reported on Wilson having lunch with Deep State’s Peter Strzok.  At the same time, the Lincoln Project claims to be a Republican outfit.

The Deep State and far-left are scared of fair and open dialogue.

It is interesting that they are highlighting The Gateway Pundit as a bold and fearless leader in honest reporting.  

They know The Gateway Pundit will explode in popularity if we are not censored and banned by Big Tech.

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