Elon Musk: “Almost Every ‘Conspiracy Theory’ That People Had About Twitter Turned Out To Be True” (VIDEO)

Conservatives were right – Twitter was corrupt.

During a recent interview, Elon Musk confirmed this by saying “To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.”

Video (transcript below)


From the video above:

“To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true. Is there a conspiracy theory about Twitter that didn’t turn out to be true? So far, they’ve all turned out to be true. If not more true than people thought.”

Elon Musk has begun releasing Twitter files exposing what was really happening at Twitter.

Then-Twitter Deputy General Counsel James Baker was involved in the decision to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story on Twitter.

This is despite the fact it was known the materials weren’t hacked.

Baker was fired by Elon Musk.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported: 

One of the Twitter executives involved in the decision to suppress the Hunter laptop story in October 2020 was none other than former FBI lawyer James Baker.

Baker ‘resigned’ from the FBI in 2018 and began working for Twitter in June 2020.

James Baker, Twitter’s Deputy General Counsel at the time, advised Twitter execs to block access to the Hunter Biden laptop story even though they knew the materials were not hacked.

Twitter was in constant contact with the FBI over the content on Twitter.

Twitter Thread:

The #TwitterFiles are revealing more every day about how the government collects, analyzes, and flags your social media content.

Twitter’s contact with the FBI was constant and pervasive, as if it were a subsidiary.

Between January 2020 and November 2022, there were over 150 emails between the FBI and former Twitter Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth.

Some are mundane, like San Francisco agent Elvis Chan wishing Roth a Happy New Year along with a reminder to attend “our quarterly call next week.” Others are requests for information into Twitter users related to active investigations.

Twitter worked with the FBI to censor conservatives.

HUGE! TWITTER IN A PICKLE: Policy Director for Twitter Nick Pickles Admits Twitter Was Working with FBI to Censor Trump, Conservatives

What is the next “conspiracy theory” to come true?

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