Dr Shiva: Until the Partner Support Portal Between the US Government and Big Tech Is Eliminated, It’s More of the Same

On November 7th Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai joined The Gateway Pundit to discuss his efforts to uncover the connections between the government and Big Tech working together to censor conservative freedom of speech.

Dr. Shiva was the first to uncover the government’s relationship with Big Tech and the Media in minute detail.  He published material on his website where he shows the specific links within this “Big Tech and government infrastructure”.

Dr.  Shiva shows the connections between the government and Big Tech and the media in the diagram below which he first presented in his lawsuit in 2020:

In the November discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D., the inventor of email, exposed the latest “DHS Leaks” story.   Specifically, the DHS Leaks story is VERY OLD NEWS, given Dr. SHIVA exposed the Government Alliance with Big Tech over 2 years ago in his historic Federal Lawsuit.

But in the November interview, Dr. Shiva took it a step further and described the recent response to the news that the government and Big Tech were working together to limit free speech.  He labeled this response a “Limited Hangout”.

A “Limited Hangout” refers to an insidious technique used by the intelligence agencies to release a small piece of a much larger truth to make the public think they got the news, while the real truth remains buried. A Limited Hangout is aimed to lull the public into apathy and in action, for they think the “truth” has been reported on, and that there is nothing more to see.

In November information was released in the court case between the states of Missouri and Louisiana with Big Tech. The Gateway Pundit is a lead plaintiff in this case.  This information supports the conclusions of Dr. Shiva from two years ago.  Dr. Shiva pointed out that Pierre Omidyar, the founder, and funder of The Intercept, is also the funder of the operation between Big Tech and the government.  He then pointed out this relationship and how the Intercept released a small portion of the total story uncovered by Dr. Shiva in what was referred to as a “Limited Hangout”.

Dr. Shiva summarized all this in an interview with TGP.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on Social Media Censorship and the Deep State’s “Limited Hangout” Response and Cover Up

Since then Elon Musk took over Twitter and began releasing information in a series of tweets showing the government’s connections with Twitter.

Dr. Shiva points out in a recent article that it was President Trump who signed into law CISA’s creation and Elon Musk who has refused to dismantle the government’s Backdoor to Twitter – the “Partner Support Portal” or any aspect of this Government Censorship Infrastructure that allows the government to do an end-run around the First Amendment.

Dr. Shiva warns that until the Partner Support Portal is eliminated, we have the same situation as we have had to date.  

The U.S. Constitution forbids government to censor speech. This is a bedrock foundational principle of the United States that defines this grand experiment and distinguishes America – a new republic – from all others, such as the United Kingdom and the European Union.

See more of Dr. Shiva’s thoughts here.

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