Corrupt Actors in the Government, in Universities, and at the EIC Worked with Big Tech to Censor Americans

Kanekoa the Great recently released an incredible thread on the efforts of the Deep State to censor conservatives on Twitter.

This thread wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the censorship of The Gateway Pundit on the site.

The Gateway Pundit was one of the biggest targets by the EIP.

The DHS corrupted the mission of CISA and began targeting good Americans who love this country.

CISA partnered with the EIP to censor sites like The Gateway Pundit across Big Tech. This was criminal.

Chris Krebs, the leader of CISA, was corrupt and biased. He was a real villain in all of this.

The founder of the EIP is Alex Stamos who compared good Americans in the GOP to ISIS.

Another corrupted nutjob in this endeavor was Kate Starbird from the University of Washington. She looks like a liberal.

Starbird is on CISA’s disinformation gang along with other corrupted liberals at Big Tech who had the mission of stopping conservative messaging across Big Tech.

Other corrupt individuals who pushed the BS Russia collusion lie were involved too.

These gangsters from the Atlantic Council also pushed the Hunter Biden laptop was misinformation. This is who was telling us what information we could trust and they backed the two biggest lies in US history to date.

Another corrupt jewel from the Atlantic Council was involved with the firm Graphica.

The EIP targeted the brilliant posts at The Gateway Pundit pointing out the election steal.

The right was not allowed to talk about the election steal in 2020.

The left used COVID and mail-in voting to steal the election.

In Europe 74% of the countries ban mail-in voting.

The EIP conspired with the government to steal the vote.

The EIP crushed free speech and children died as a result of deadly vaccines.

Kanekoa was right.

Liars and liberals lie.

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