“I Won’t Support Democrats with my Vote… If You’re a Person of Faith, Then Neither Should You” – Muslim American Explains Why Muslims Shouldn’t Vote for Democrats (VIDEO)

Hassan Chami, a Muslim who resides in Dearborn, Michigan, shared his perspective on the subject of why Muslims should not vote for Democrats.

“The progressives force you to compromise your beliefs and adopt theirs, in public at least, or you’re canceled. The left is not tolerant to religion,” Hassan wrote on his Twitter account.

“I keep receiving questions on my take on why Muslims shouldn’t vote for Democrats. And here’s why.”

“Democrats talk a lot about diversity, but they don’t want real diversity. They don’t want inclusion for Muslims as Muslims. They want inclusion for Muslims on the condition that we privilege woke ideology over our Islamic values. They want us to privatize our faith and hide it away. And that’s why they lie about the meaning of separation between church and state.”

“They want Muslims to believe that in America, faith has no place in public life. That’s what the Democrats are trying to do for Muslims, for Christians, for Jews, and for people of all faiths. They want a secular, godless society that effectively bans religion from public life. That’s why, as a Muslim, I won’t support Democrats with my vote and if you’re a person of faith, then neither should you.”

Watch the video below:

Tudor Dixon, a candidate for Governor of Michigan, met with members of Dearborn’s Muslim community on Friday. Upon taking office, Tudor made a commitment to expand religious freedom to Muslims.

Democrats must be very worried about the midterm races.

Liberal talking heads have no response to the rising crime rates and horrible economic results of the Biden regime. Inflation is at a 40-year high. The economy is a mess. The Democratic Party is fueled by divisiveness, hatred, anger, and fear in its politics.

TGP reported on Saturday that Patrick Basham, a pollster that projected the Brexit result and correctly predicted Donald Trump as the winner of the 2016 US presidential election, predicts the midterm “red wave” is becoming a “red tsunami.”

Please vote wisely and be vigilant.

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