WATCH: Christian Conservative Rapper Burns Balenciaga Shoes in New Music Video

Popular Christian conservative rapper Bryson Gray burned a pair of Balenciaga shoes in his new music video taking aim at the fashion house.

Balenciaga has been under fire for a series of images from their new campaigns that featured children holding stuffed animals in bondage gear, a Supreme Court ruling about child pornography, and other signals of support for pedophilia.

Gray’s new song, Burn Balenciaga, does not hold back.

The begins with the rapper walking out with a pair of the designer’s shoes, putting them in a fire pit, and lighting it up.

“Threw away Nike, and now I burn Balenciaga,” Gray says, before warning that “they keep coming for our kids.”

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Gray explained that they were his favorite shoes — but that people need to stand up against evil.

“To be honest, they were my favorite shoes,” Gray said, “but we have to hurt their brand. We have to influence people not to wear them and burn what they have from them.”

“We are at war,” Gray continued. “Good vs evil. The song is just part of the sound track. This is how you change culture.”

Gray is best known for his viral songs Trump is Your President, Safe Space, Gun Totin’ Patriot, and Maga Steppin’

Burn Balenciaga is available on iTunes and Spotify.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, the mainstream media has been working to protect Balenciaga from criticism.

The New York Times, for example, published an article that dismissively blamed the complaints about the pedophilia symbolism and imagery on QAnon and Tucker Carlson, despite the fact that Balenciaga has apologized and filed a lawsuit over one of the photoshoots.


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