Sorry Liz Cheney: After Reinstating President Trump’s Twitter Account Two of His Tweets from Jan 6 Tell the Real Story

It’s kind of hard to lead an “insurrection” when you are telling everyone to “remain peaceful,” and to “support Capitol Police,” and to “stay peaceful.”

Last night Elon Musk reinstated President Trump’s Twitter account.

There It Is! Trump’s Twitter Account is Back Up and Running After Elon Musk Conducts Online Poll

This came hours after a poll of Twitter users asked if the 45th president should be reinstated.

More than 15 million people participated in the Twitter poll.

51.8% voted yes and 48.2% voted no (probably mostly bots voted no).

Bots and communists voted no to silence President Trump.

Trump’s Twitter account was up and running shortly after Elon Musk agreed to reinstate it.

And since his account was taken down on January 8, 2021, his tweets from that week were the last messages he posted on Twitter before the left silenced him.

And look at what popped up!

President Trump called for protesters to remain peaceful and to stay peaceful.

Trump even asked the protesters to “support Capitol police” after they fired gas cannisters, rubber bullets, and mace at the crowds without warning.

The Biden regime is currently running a special counsel on Trump for leading an insurrection.  All of the evidence they have is manipulated, incomplete, or outright lies.

Let’s pray the real perpetrators are someday caught and punished for planning and instigating the attacks on January 6th.

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