Another Huge Miss: Ron DeSantis’ Silence on Latest DOJ Special Counsel of President Trump Speaks Volumes

Yesterday, the corrupt Biden Department of Justice announced the creation of another Special Counsel to attack and harass President Trump. 

The lack of a response from Florida governor Ron DeSantis speaks volumes. 

Ron DeSantis is doing an amazing job in Florida.  His policies and statements have been very good.  But his silence on the issues that matter to the Trump base speaks volumes.

DeSantis also remained silent on the raid of president Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

President Trump, on the other hand, recently came out and labeled DeSantis, “Ron Desanctimonious.”  This roiled many conservatives across the country and especially in the state of Florida.

President Trump then discussed DeSantis running for President on the Monday night before the midterms:

“I would tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering — I know more about him than anybody — other than, perhaps, his wife,” Trump said without elaborating.

Former President Donald Trump, gearing up for another White House run, warned Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that he “could hurt himself very badly” with the Republican base if he also launched a presidential bid in 2024.

Trump, who dubbed the Florida governor “Ron DeSanctimonious” during a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, denied that the two Republican politicians are at odds, but still tried to lay down a marker for 2024.

“I don’t know if he is running. I think if he runs, he could hurt himself very badly. I really believe he could hurt himself badly,” Trump told Fox News Digital in a Monday interview published on Tuesday. “I think he would be making a mistake, I think the base would not like it — I don’t think it would be good for the party.”

“Any of that stuff is not good — you have other people that possibly will run, I guess. I don’t know if he runs. If he runs, he runs,” the 45th president added.

DeSantis responded a week later by implying that he won big in Florida because of his own efforts while the candidates who lost (or more accurately had their elections taken from them) lost because of President Trump.

DeSantis Responds to Reporter About Trump Comments: “Check Out the Scoreboard from Last Tuesday Night”

As we’ve reported the mainstream media was geared up on the day after the midterms to promote DeSantis.

Far Left Media and RINOs Are Joining Forces to Back Ron DeSantis in Effort to Dethrone President Trump

However, being praised by the MSM is not a badge of honor to the huge base of voters who support and trust President Trump.  This group of people set the American and Republican record for most votes ever for a sitting president in a presidential election.  Trump also set the record for most legitimate votes in an election (Biden’s results are contaminated with accusations and evidence of voter fraud on a scale never imagined in this country’s history).

DeSantis was relatively quiet about the 2020 Election steal and then the resulting unconstitutional Jan 6 committee.  He withheld any comments on the plight of the political prisoners beaten, maced, and kept in solitary confinement in the DC Gulag.  These individuals, who are accused of horrible crimes have had their constitutional rights thrown in the waste basket.

Four Americans lost their lives on Jan 6 – all were Trump supporters.  We also know that dozens of federal operatives were present at the Jan 6 riots.

DeSantis shared at the time:

“Violence or rioting of any kind is unacceptable and the perpetrators must face the full weight of the law,” DeSantis said in a statement. “The Capitol Police do an admirable job and I thank them for their hard work.”

On January 7, 2021, DeSantis repeated his condescension about the rioters during a press conference regarding the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was totally unacceptable and those folks need to be held accountable. And it doesn’t matter what banner you’re flying under, the violence is wrong,” the governor said. “The rioting and the disorder is wrong. We’re not going to tolerate it in Florida.”

We’re unaware that DeSantis has ever said anything about Jeremy Brown who was courted by the FBI before Jan 6 but refused.

Brown is an American hero.  Jeremy has been in jail for over a year.   He’s from Florida.   He’s a political prisoner.

Governor DeSantis has ignored Jeremy Brown’s unjust incarceration.

Why is that?

Jan 6 Protester and Green Beret Jeremy Brown Who Was Arrested for Turning Down FBI Request to Work as Operative on Jan 6 Is Offered a Plea Deal by Corrupt DOJ — Turns It Down

By remaining silent on the corruption in DC, the illegal acts of this government, the abuse of power, the stolen 2020 and 2022 elections, and the innocents who were protesting legally at the US Capitol on Jan 6 and now sit in jail, Governor Ron DeSantis prevents himself from being taken seriously by the Trump base, the largest legitimate voting base in US history.

If Ron DeSantis wants to win over the Trump base, he’d better rethink his silence on issues that matter to Americans who support God, country, and Trump. 

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