OUTRAGEOUS: The Criminal Training Caught in the DetroitLeaks Video in 2020 Is Now Being Taught in Other States in 2022 – If You are a Victim of This Call Law Enforcement!

In 2020, training sessions were organized and delivered to poll workers in Detroit, Michigan on how to disregard and destroy Republican votes on election day.  


This training is now being introduced and is standard training at election training events across the country. 

Prior to the 2020 Election audios from election worker training events in Detroit were released.  In the audios, a obviously Democratic trainer told election workers to accept provisional ballots when someone says they didn’t vote but finds out at the polls that someone else voted for them.  The trainer then instructs the election workers to set their ballots aside, ignore these provisional ballots, and basically get rid of them once the person leaves.

Below is the DetroitLeaks video of the effort by Democrat operatives to steal votes and interfere in the 2020 election in Michigan.

Following the election, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel threatened to arrest reporter Shane Trejo if he did not delete his recorded evidence of election fraud in the Detroit area.

Later on a witness in Michigan stepped forward and spoke out about how he witnessed the Detroit election worker training on how to destroy the provisional ballots in Michigan.

MICHIGAN WITNESS: I Saw the Detroit Plan to Destroy All Provisional Ballots, Hurt Republicans (VIDEO)

Former professor and Attorney David Clements is now warning about this same tactic happening again in 2022 but on a broader playing field.  Professor Clements says he is aware of training events where election workers are being taught to give people provisional ballots when they are told that they already voted.  This is the same tactic pushed in Detroit in 2020.

It is a crime to commit identity theft and this is what happens when someone steals your vote. 

You become a victim of identity theft. 

Clements suggests that if you ever encounter a situation where the election workers tell you that you have already voted, you need to call your local law enforcement immediately and file a report.

Again, Professor Clements recommends you contact your local law enforcement and file a report.  

Watch the discussion below where Attorney David Clements offers advice on this and discusses other actions to take in this election, like waiting until election day to vote.


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