Op-Ed: Is The Biden Administration Targeting Elon Musk? (VIDEO)

By Ben Swann:

The last several weeks have been turbulent for the world’s most famous self-described “free speech absolutist.”

In an astounding coincidence, just days after he publicly pushed for peace between Russia and Ukraine, the Biden Department of Justice announced its investigation into Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and his satellite-powered internet provider SpaceX. While the court filing never specified what Musk was under investigation for, it did (however predictably) cite “national security” concerns.

Biden DOJ Going After Elon Musk – powered by sovren.media

A recent article from Bloomberg claims that an obscure body under the Treasury Department known as the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) could have grounds for getting involved. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen currently leads the agency, which reviews foreign investments in and acquisitions of American businesses to determine if they threaten national security.

So how would this committee pertain to Elon Musk? Essentially, the Biden administration may be trying to thwart further foreign investment into Twitter, such as the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Last week, Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed rolled over his existing $1.89 billion stake in the company, making the Saudi government the second-largest stakeholder in Twitter. The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) also committed $375 million to Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Of the $46.5 billion Musk spent to acquire Twitter, however, the majority of it ($33.5 billion) came from himself.

But it’s not just Twitter that the Biden administration is getting wrapped up with. Last month, the New York Postreported that the White House is also weighing a national security investigation into Starlink over Musk’s public support for a peace deal that gained him praise from the antiwar movement and scorn from the neoconservative establishment. The deal would have included direct elections in Ukrainian areas annexed by Russia and a commitment from Ukraine to remain neutral regarding future involvement with NATO.

Starlink has provided free internet to Ukraine throughout the war with Russia, yet Musk’s threats to cut off Ukrainian access to Starlink’s internet system seem to have irked officials at the White House, who have since initiated talks with Musk to expand Starlink access into Iran in an attempt to support the protest movement that began two months ago.

The timing of this scrutiny against Musk makes the picture abundantly clear: Because Musk wants to end the war in Ukraine, he is a threat. Because he is firing the regime’s agents in Twitter’s workforce, he is a threat. Because he is not willing to advance the U.S. government’s attempts to destroy peace and free speech around the world, he is a threat.

In all this, we see hints of a conflict between the world’s richest man and the world’s biggest government. How this rivalry ends will be a story for the history books.

Ben Swann is an Emmy-winning investigative reporter and the founder and CEO of Sovren.

As The Gateway Pundit recently reported, the Biden Crime Family has been flagged over 150 times for illicit banking transactions with foreign players, including businesses from China and Ukraine. But now the Biden Regime is threatening to investigate Elon Musk’s businesses.

Biden Regime to Investigate Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition – Joe Biden Could Kill the Takeover Using National Security Excuse

This also comes as Elon Musk has taken a hard stance against the censorship of conservative voices and election interference on Big Tech Platforms.

The Gateway Pundit reported that rogue Twitter employees suspended Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem without cause just eight days before the general election, but Musk stepped up and saved the day, reinstating Finchem almost immediately.

Side note: The Gateway Pundit was banned from Twitter after posting video of late-night ballot drops in Detroit, Michigan, to steal the state from Trump.

Musk has taken to exposing the woke political correctness on his own Twitter account.

Joe Biden and his goons are absolutely terrified of Elon Musk giving a voice back to the people and potentially inciting any pushback against the Regime.

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