The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft Joins Steve Bannon and the War Room to Discuss TCF Center Report that Got The Gateway Pundit Banned from Twitter (VIDEO)

Big Tech, the mainstream media and the Democrat establishment are systematically colluding to banish the Gateway Pundit and all conservative media from the web in their effort to convince the world the 2020 presidential election was legitimate.

On Friday, the Gateway Pundit published footage of vehicles delivering over 50 boxes of fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden at 3 am in Wayne County, Michigan on Election Night, prompting Big Tech to retaliate against the publication with a permanent suspension from the platform.

In an interview with Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room on Monday, the Gateway Pundit founder and editor-in-chief Jim Hoft detailed the great lengths it took to secure the evidence of voter fraud amid the unprecedented censorship of conservatives.

“It took us 2 months to get this security camera video from election night. If you go back and look at Gateway Pundit on November 4, the morning after the election, we were the first ones to put up a report that a van, a mysterious van, showed up late at night and unpacked ballots,” Hoft explained.

“We had three or four individuals who saw this happen,” he continued. “It took us two and a half months to confirm every word of what they said – that ‘this mysterious van came in the middle of the night, was allowed into the center, unloaded dozens of boxes of ballots, left.’ And what we found out last week was it made a second trip back to the TCF center in Detroit, Michigan late at night at 3:30 am. And so, we were banned from Twitter for putting that up.”

A Twitter spokesperson maintains the account was suspended for “repeated violations” of its civic integrity policy, which prohibits users from tweeting “for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes.”

Leftwing rags, including the Washington Post and Politifact initially, slammed Hoft, claiming there was no evidence ballots were being smuggled into the TCF Center.

“The media immediately ignored the story. The couple of reports that were out there denied this happened and said it was a TV camera crew,” Hoft said.

In the face of brazen censorship, shadowbanning and slander by the mainstream media, the Gateway Pundit remains one of the top 20 news websites and top 150 websites overall.

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