What are the Odds? The Mysterious Blood Moon “Coincidences”

Let’s have some fun on this 2022 Mid-term Election Day with this series of coincidences:

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday on the coincidence that, this morning, on Election Day, we experienced a Blood Moon, a rare total lunar eclipse in which the sun appears a reddish brown color for a couple hours.  The Blood Moon began at 3:02am on the east coast (12:02am PST).

According to Newsweek, in ancient Mesopotamia, the Blood Moon was interpreted as an omen for the king:

In ancient Mesopotamia, a lunar eclipse was considered a direct assault on the king. Given their ability to predict an eclipse with reasonable accuracy, they would put in place a proxy king for its duration. Someone considered to be expendable (it was not a popular job,) would pose as the monarch, while the real king would go into hiding and wait for the eclipse to pass. The proxy king would then conveniently disappear, and the old king be reinstated.

The second “long shot” coincidence?  President Donald J. Trump was born on June 14, 1946.  Yup, you guess it: this day also experienced a Blood Moon!

So when is the next blood moon?  March 14th, 2025 (3/14/25), Pi Day, potentially the second full month after President Trump is elected for his second term (if he does in fact announce another run on 11/15/2022).

What are the odds!!

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