Well, That’s Odd: Election Map of New York Appears to Show Exact Same Vote Counts For All Red Counties

Election night reporting has become an absolute disaster for several of the latest elections.  We have witnessed votes subtracted from one update to the next.  We have seen reporting weeks ahead of the actual election in Michigan earlier this year for the primaries, and then last week when a local station declared Katie Hobbs the winner over Kari Lake 12 days before the election took place.

But last night during the New York election night reporting, something that we’ve not yet seen happen:  New York was dead silent in the governor’s race.  All of the sudden, it was 99% reporting.  But even more bizarre?  Look at the reporting for the counties “won” by Lee Zeldin, the GOP candidate.  Furthermore, some of the Hochul counties were identical.

I’m sure we’ll get some excuse or a fact check or something without anyone actually answering as to how this happened.  You can’t ask questions anymore.  “Trust us.”

The New York election map shows the exact same counts in all of the red counties on TV.

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