Nope. GOP Didn’t Lose Midterms Because Mail-In Ballots Are Better Than In-Person Voting – The GOP Lost Because the Same Corrupt Election Activities Happened Again

Democrats regularly engage in criminal acts and they will continue to do so because they get away with it. 

It’s really puzzling to see conservative pundits strike out so badly on the midterm elections.  This guy on TicToc summarizes it best.

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Victor Davis Hanson is one of the sharpest guys on the block.  He is brilliant at times.  But he really missed this one.  He said a couple of days ago that the GOP should be voting with mail-in ballots.  Implying this is why they lost the midterms.  This is absolutely not the reason or the answer.

The Democrats cheat and manufacture ballots.  Americans (GOP) don’t want to cheat.  Democrats manufacture ballots using voting machines and absentee ballots.   These machines and mail-in ballots have to go.

Victor Davis Hanson Offers Analysis On Outcome Of The Midterms

Molly Hemmingway also apparently believes that the Democrats won because they got more people to vote with mail-in ballots.  Hemmingway was also wrong in the thesis of her book on the 2020 Election, Rigged.  The 2020 Election wasn’t lost because Mark Zuckerberg spent more money on the election than any GOP contributor.  The 2020 Election was lost because the Democrats cheat and steal elections.  We’ve recorded numerous instances of election and voter fraud at The Gateway Pundit over the past few years to support this.

Mollie Hemingway Explains How Republicans Must Adapt To New Voting Practices (VIDEO)

The 2020 Election and now the midterms really need a professional group of auditors to dig in and identify the reasons for the massive fraud across the country.  We would find absentee ballots associated with individuals that aren’t even real.  We’ll also find the software used by the voting systems have multiple gaps that appear to be designed for fraud.  We’ve covered this over the past few years.

The US never should implement massive mail-in ballots and voting systems prone to election fraud but we have. 

Ms. Hemmingway is no auditor.  I am and I’ve written two books on the 2020 election and it’s easy to see that the 2020 Election never should have been certified because of the massive amount of election fraud resulting in uncertifiable results.

We need to drive for voting on Election day only while mandating that IDs be required using paper ballots.  Machines and mail-in ballots need to go.  

Yes, the same gang that gave billions to Iran, that made up and harassed President Trump in an attempted coup related to Russia collusion, and that stole the 2020 Election from the American people – stole this election too.

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