Last Case of Voting Machine Abuse in 2020 Election Ends in PA with Court Dismissal

The last case from the 2020 Election involving voting machines has officially ended in Pennsylvania. 

We reported last year that Fulton County, Pennsylvania was the focus of litigation due to the fact that the county allowed an inspection of the voting machines used in the county.

Later, the Democrats, with a Democrat Secretary of State and Dominion Voting Systems, petitioned the courts to prevent the voting machines in the county from being inspected. The Republican establishment also killed a parallel inspection of these machines by the PA Senate.

Fulton County, Pennsylvania Responds to Secretary of State’s Request to Halt 2020 Election Investigation of Dominion Voting Machines in County

Eventually, the county went ahead with its inspection and modified their original claim of contract breach and instead alleged election fraud, which converted their valid original claim of contract breach to a highly political case.

Now the State Supreme Court could punish the small Pennsylvania County for having the inspection. It’s noteworthy that the same Republican establishment legal team that stepped in and managed this case to its current conclusion was also involved in the Antrim county Michigan, Arizona, and GA investigations.

This establishment legal team that took over the case filed the new action and included in it several false claims. This was likely done in order to derail the case and get it dismissed.  The legal team also ended up spoiling some key evidence by destroying one of the hard drives.  As a result, the tiny county may suffer when all its citizens wanted was to get to the truth.

The AP reported in the recent happenings in the county related to the 2020 Election audit work.

A Pennsylvania judge has recommended the state’s high court impose civil contempt penalties against a Republican-majority county government that this summer secretly allowed a third party to copy data from voting machines used in the 2020 election lost by former President Donald Trump.

Commonwealth Court President Judge Renee Cohn Jubelirer’s 77-page report issued late Friday said the July inspection and copying of computer data from machines rented by Fulton County was a willful violation of a court order designed to prevent evidence from being spoiled.

She recommended that the justices find that the county, based on the actions of Republican Commissioners Stuart Ulsh and Randy Bunch, “engaged in vexatious, obdurate, and bad faith conduct” in their lawsuit against the Department of State over whether a 2021 inspection by another outside group meant the machines could no longer be used.

Cohn Jubelirer, an elected Republican, recommended that the county be ordered to pay some of the state’s legal fees and that the Dominion Voting Systems Inc. machines in question be turned over to a third party for safekeeping at the county’s expense.

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