Kathy Hochul Draws Tiny, Biden-Size Crowd, Zeldin Packs the House

Failed New York Governor Kathy Hochul got the Biden treatment at a campaign appearance Friday afternoon drawing a tiny crowd that mostly appeared to be press.

In contrast, Republican challenger Lee Zeldin has consistently drawn large crowds at campaign appearances across the state.

The Gateway Pundit reported on a recent Zeldin rally in Hauppauge in Suffolk County, Long Island drawing thousands of  supporters.

The New York Post reports:

The front row of seats was also conspicuously empty as the Democratic incumbent’s boosters waited for her to show up nearly 30 minutes after the scheduled start of the event.

And after it was moved indoors due to darkness, additional photos appeared to show mainly journalists in the audience.

By contrast, about 1,000 people turned out Thursday night for a Zeldin rally near Albany, where he mocked the size of his opponent’s audiences.

“While we’re here, Kathy Hochul is rallying with Hillary Clinton and [Vice President] Kamala Harris and the entire crowd would probably fit like over here,” Zeldin said while pointing to a small section.

Recent poling shows Zeldin has taken the lead over Hochul in the latest Trafalgar poll holding a 48.4 to 47.6 lead.


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