Interview with Adam Steen, President Trump’s Historic Write-in Endorsement in Wisconsin Against RINO Robin Vos

Election Day is upon us! Tomorrow is one of the biggest non-presidential elections we’ve faced as a Nation.  Inflation is sky-rocketing, gas prices are surging, we’re on the brink of a potential nuclear war with Russia.  The DOJ has been weaponized against “MAGA Republicans” and political opposition.  It’s not a great time for America.

And while we are struggling everyday to make ends meet; to put food on our tables and clothes on our children’s backs, democrats and establishment republicans alike are content focusing on issues that simply aren’t “top of the list” for a majority of Americans, such as “green energy”, sending billions to Ukraine, and codifying abortion at the federal level.

Federal elections, your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators, are important tomorrow to ensure we elect those who will put America First.  But equally as important, perhaps more important in terms of what you will experience personally, are your state representatives, school boards and other local races.  Please, if you haven’t yet, take some time tonight to research your own local ballot and know your local candidates that are on it.  Do not vote blindly based on the R or the D next to their name.  Many of these local races won’t even have a party designation, so it’s essential to know where they stand on issues that will directly effect you and your family.

Earlier today, The Gateway Pundit had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Steen, the Trump-endorsed candidate in Wisconsin’s 63rd, who is trying to make history:  a state representative bid to unseat the longest sitting state Speaker in the country, Robin Vos, using a write-in campaign!  Vos is no stranger to the Gateway Pundit.  We have written about him here, here, and here for starters.  He has been controversial at best with his election fraud denialism.  Especially after his own hand selected “investigator,” Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, reported back that they should strongly look at de-certifying the 2020 election after his investigation.

Vos is running unopposed on the ticket, so there is not a likely Democrat that could slide in and steal away the seat.  And because its a write-in candidate, it means something very promising to election integrity activists in Wisconsin and across America:  a hand count validation!

Check out my interview with Adam Steen.  Share it with someone you know in Wisconsin! (video may take a moment to load!  Be sure to follow The Gateway Pundit and CannCon on Rumble!)


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