WHAT’S GOING ON? More Democrat Absentee Ballots in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County than in Philadelphia County Despite There Being 275,000 More Democrats in Philly

Some things never change.  Democrat voter fraud is one of them. 

If you have Democrats in an election then you have voter fraud – guaranteed.

In Pennsylvania today there are some very big races for the US Senate and the Governor and more.  These races could determine the direction of the country over the next two years.  This is why it is very important to have free and fair elections.

In 2020 in Pennsylvania we determined and reported exclusively on the results in the state for President.  We found that President Trump crushed Joe Biden on election day by nearly a 2 to 1 ratio but then Biden was awarded more than a million more absentee votes than President Trump after three days of counting ballots after the election.

To this day we have no idea where all the absentee ballots for Biden came from because we had no idea how many uncounted absentee ballots remained uncounted on election night.

We also noted that there was a pattern in the absentee ballot results that was not normal nor random.  We reported it here.

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Today it was reported that in Pennsylvania there are more unusual anomalies in the state.  The number of absentee or mail-in ballots reported requested by Democrats is larger in Allegheny County than in Philadelphia County despite there being 270,000 more Democrats in Philadelphia County.

In the 2020 Election, based on the data in the article above that was obtained after the 2020 Election, there were 50,000 more mail-in ballots counted in Philadelphia County than in Allegheny County. 

These numbers make no sense.  Something must be going on. 

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