We Caught Them Again: TGP Catches Late-Night Operatives Moving Van-Loads of Suspicious Ballots Way After Legal Deadline in Detroit, Michigan

Michigan polls closed at 8:00PM yesterday, election day 2022. The results strongly favoring Democrats shocked the pollsters and prognosticators, who all predicted some degree of a ‘red wave’ that never materialized.

The results directly conflict with the perception by many campaign professionals, pollsters, and those in the media that were predicting strong Republican gains.

But of course nothing was done in response to the 2020 voter fraud well-documented by outlets like the Gateway Pundit. In fact, the Republicans in Michigan even made it easier to cheat by allowing clerks two extra days to ‘process’ ballots, giving potential bad actor clerks more time to cheat. This is in addition to the widespread observations of major problems with voting machines.

The journey of a ballot once cast by a legitimate and legal voter is supposed to be the collection in a poll box, delivery to the clerk who then verifies the voter is a registered, legal voter in the state’s Qualified Voter File, known as the “QVF”, the signature of the voter is checked against the one on file, and the ballot is checked for any defects. City of Detroit whistleblower Jessy Jacob came forward in 2020 to say that there were no ballots that had to be processed after 9;00PM on election night because the process was so quick for the few remaining ballots that came in close to the deadline.

And as mentioned before, clerks have had two whole extra days to count ballots, meaning that there should have been almost none that came in late.

Ballots are counted in a particular order. Absentees are counted first, then those collected on election day by in-person voters, and then any late-arriving ballots. There is little to no reason for ballots to arrive late. There is certainly no legitimate reason short of fraud for tens of thousands of ballots to arrive and start processing hours after the deadline for them to be collected.

The Gateway Pundit has exclusive video and photographic evidence that the City of Detroit in Michigan was collecting thousands of ballots significantly after the legal deadline in 2022. This video is from the Detroit Department of Elections at 2978 West Grand. Ballots are processed there, entering and exiting through the garage in the alley behind the building.

We can exclusively report that the City of Detroit was handling and beginning to process a significant number of ballots at 11:30 PM on election night.

We can exclusively report that the City of Detroit was handling and beginning to process more ballots at 1:22 AM on election night.

Where did these ballots come from?

Why are they arriving at the Detroit Bureau of Election so suspiciously late on election night?

What could possibly account for so many ballots arriving so late?

Every Michigan ‘drop box’ is required to have a high-definition camera covering its location at all times. Michigan Patriots painstakingly examined the video from 2020 to determine how many legal votes could reasonably have been cast by dropping off ballots in the drop boxes, and the last hour of operation in 2020 the answer was about 100. The entire last day of operation showed that less than a thousand cast ballots by dropping them in ballot drop boxes. So there is no realistic way these observed ballots came from that source, and if they did not come from drop boxes, where did they come from?

Detroit/Wayne County is often the last jurisdiction to report their votes every election cycle. Republican activists have wondered whether that is a tactical decision so that they know how many votes are needed to suppress Republican votes for Senate, Governor, and for statewide proposals.

They stole the vote in 2020 from you, and it appears they may have stolen the vote from you again in 2022.

After the 2020 elections, Americans were repeatedly told that there was nothing wrong with the security and integrity of our elections.

Every single case that was filed with the judicial system was thrown out without ever hearing the presentation of evidence. No Judge wanted to face the evidence collected by election integrity patriots who painstakingly documented eyewitness statements, video evidence, statistical evidence, and expert testimony showing that the 2020 election was systematically stolen.

They were told that widespread descriptions of alleged voter fraud were widespread misinformation and disinformation.

They were told that a thousand collected affidavits were irrelevant. That the observed crimes by election workers, including unlawfully expelling only Republican poll watchers, using COVID illegally to exclude election integrity officials, and illegally sending out mass absentee voter applications were unproven theories even though they were well-documented.

They were also told that a 3:30AM van that arrived way past the 8PM legal deadline to collect ballots in 2020 was entirely normal. Many were even smeared and called ‘racists’ for just observing this voter fraud because so many major Democrat strongholds in Michigan happen to be places with a large black population.

For months the mainstream media lied about this van full of likely-illegal ballots in 2020. They initially said it didn’t exist. Then they said it was food for workers. Then they said it was camera equipment. Then they said even if it was ballots, it was just a few ballots and didn’t mean anything. Then the Gateway Pundit produced the footage that showed tens of thousands of late-arriving ballots being processed just as witnesses described in 2020, and the media never corrected their reporting, never apologized to the readers they lied to, or the way they defamed your Gateway Pundit, and nothing happened.

Detroit can cheat the vote right in front of witnessing Republicans and nothing will be done about it. Gateway Pundit Publisher Jim Hoft was banned from Twitter for reporting the simple factual video of the late-night van delivery of illegal ballots.

It’s notable that the jurisdictions Democrats cheat in usually have a friendly Soros-tied district attorney, with a friendly United States Attorney, with hard-left federal judges, and a hard-left Secretary of State and state Attorney General. If you wanted to alert authorities to the fraud, you have to complain to people more likely to put you in jail for “spreading disinformation” than they are to take your complaint seriously. Every judge at every level of the state and federal judiciary has similarly shown complete disinterest and disdain for their role in preserving election integrity. A federal Detroit Obama judge even sanctioned nine attorneys who dared file cases related to election integrity last year.

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