“Everybody in the Neighborhood Had Alarms on Our Windows” – Per an Old Neighbor of the Pelosis

A former neighbor of the Pelosis reports that when she lived in the neighborhood alarms went off all the time. 

We’ve raised this point for days.  How could someone walk around the Pelosi house, bang on a window in a back door and break it and no one notice?

We reported on the multiple cameras around the Pelosi home and the security on duty and we asked how could anyone get into that house unnoticed.

“The Security Cameras Are Everywhere” – Attorney Harmeet Dhillon on the Security in the Pelosi Neighborhood

But this is the official story.  David DePape reportedly broke into the Pelosi home and no one noticed.  According to the FBI’s report yesterday, David DePape was able to break into the house and walk upstairs into Paul Pelosi’s bedroom and no one noticed.  No alarms went off, no motion detectors were triggered, and no security guards noticed.

More Questions Than Answers on Pelosi Attacker David DePape’s Charging Documents

The Daily Mail reported moments ago that a former neighbor of the Pelosi’s claimed that the neighborhood was alarmed to the max.

‘There were black cars outside that house, particularly up on Normandie Terrace, all of the time,’ the 66-year-old, who lived opposite the Pelosis for a decade, told DailyMail.com.

‘I don’t distinguish between her being there and not being there. There were always multiple cars.’

Police statements and the criminal complaint against David DePape, 42, released Monday suggest that he broke in by smashing a back patio door. He confronted Paul Pelosi Sr., who phoned police and tried to talk down the crazed man. When cops burst in, DePape slugged Pelosi Sr. with a hammer.

‘Everybody in the neighborhood had alarms on our windows,’ the former neighbor said. ‘So if glass smashed, an alarm went off. We all had alarms that had chimed if the door opened or closed.’

It appears that the official story-line has some holes. 

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