European Union Passes Resolution to Use Video Games for Propaganda, Cite Ability to ‘Raise Awareness’ of ‘Climate Issues’

The European Union has passed a resolution to use video games for propaganda.

The EU hopes that video games can be used to help with “raising awareness” of climate and environmental issues.

Titled resolution of 10 November 2022 on esports and videogames, the text of the adopted measure states that “videogames and esports have great potential to further promote European history, identity, heritage, values and diversity through immersive experiences.”

The resolution calls on the European Commission to “to launch initiatives to promote European video games that showcase European values, history and diversity.”

While that sounds wholesome and fine, according to the resolution, esports and video games, as they currently stand, pose challenges for European society in the digital sphere — including “cheating, adverse impacts on environmental sustainability, online features that can be misused for online violence or harassment, especially towards female players, and disinformation.”

“As far as the European Parliament is concerned, gaming is particularly important, because it offers unique access to the young,” Spiked reports. “The resolution notes that ‘videogames and esports are widely accessible and can be used to increase inclusivity and diversity in learning environments such as in the classroom and throughout life’. That’s another way of saying that young people who are turned off by boring lectures are far more likely to be influenced by propaganda masquerading as an exciting game.”

The report adds that “it also wants videogames to promote the environmental agenda, suggesting that ‘videogames and esports have a dual role to play in the green transition, both as an industry that must work to become more environmentally friendly, and as a medium for raising awareness of climate and environmental issues.’”

“Although the resolution refrains from openly promoting identity politics, it does demand the ‘equal and non-stereotypical representation of women in videogames’, and states that ‘progress must continue and go hand-in-hand with attaining greater equality for women in all positions in the value chain, as well as progress on the fight against sexual abuse and discrimination’.”


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