Why Is DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Still Forcing J6 Political Prisoners To Get Vaxxed and Boosted To See Their Families? Read The Heartbreaking Letter From J6 Defendant Shane Jenkins

J6 political prisoner Shane Jenkins is urging The Gateway Pundit’s readers to help overturn Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s dangerous Covid policies that force inmates to get fully vaccinated and boosted to see their families and are prohibited from virtual visitation unless they comply.

As the Gateway Pundit has reported, the  Covid shots do not prevent the transmission of Covid and at least 31,961 Americans have died after receiving the so-called vaccine, according to the CDC’s VAERS report.

Yet, in letters to the Gateway Pundit, J6 defendants detained in the DC jail detail the cruel and unusual treatment they are subjected to for refusing to inject themselves with the toxic experimental mRNA technology.

J6 defendant Shane Jenkins was arrested on March 5, 2021 for allegedly breaking a window on the Capitol ground in Washington, DC and throwing objects at police.

Jenkins is charged with a slew of counts including assault, civil disorder, theft of government property and taking a weapon onto restricted federal grounds. He is currently being held in the D.C. Central Detention Facility without bond and no trial date in sight.

In a letter to the Gateway Pundit, Jenkins urges our readers to contact Bowser’s office and demand the mayor rescind the Covid mandates to help J6 defendants access visitation rights.



My name is Shane Jenkins. I’m a 45 year-old-man from Texas and father of 5. I was arrested on March 5, 2021 for the events related to January 6th.

After my arrest, I was flown all over the nation and bused here and there until I ended up in Washington DC at the DC DOC on April 13, 2021. I have been here since then. I have not seen a friend, a loved one or any of my children in over 600 days.

Typically institutions have a policy for visitation. The DC DOC falls under Muriel Bowers’ purview or jurisdiction and the Director Thomas Fause. Their policy regarding visitation is that inmates and visitors must be vaxxed and boosted to have visits.

21 of the 24 men here are unvaxxed. We are all here related Jan. 6th and are from all over the nation. We are fighting the biggest fight of our lives and need the support of our family and friends.

We have tried to address this issue by using the IGP or inmate grievance procedure. The responses to our grievances place the blame on the mayor’s “medical stay in place policy” and claim that “as the CDC updates their guidance, we will update our policy.”

We know that the CDC adjusted its guidance some time ago and determined vaccinated & unvaccinated people should be treated the same. There is no longer such a thing as “vaccine status” according to the CDC. Apparently, cities use a Covid transmission rate rating to show how Covid-19 is impacting the community. The rating levels go from High-Med-to Low. High being the worst and Low being the best possible rating. Washington DC happens to have a low rating or best possible rating.

In the most recent CDC Guidance regarding Corrections and detention facilities, they have varying policy guidance based upon the city’s rating system I mentioned earlier. Remember DC is LOW. The policy is the latest CDC Guidance for visitation in a city rated LOW are as follows, “provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer” and “instruct visitors and volunteers to postpone their visits if they have symptoms of Covid-19.”

Even with the low-level transmission here in DC, we are still forced to wear masks, if we choose not to wear a mask we must remain in our cells. The CDC has also updated their mask policy as of 9/23/2022 which includes health care facilities and hospitals to “people may choose to masks at any time. People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with Covid-19 should wear a mask.”

I would imagine a hospital policy should be good enough for jail.

What I have done is gather just a sample of writing that men here provided in relation to their families, visitation and their mental health.

We want you to understand the pain and anguish this has caused us and our loved ones. To be denied their touch, their hugs, their smiles and their laughter is torture. We have missed birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and even funerals.

We need your help! Our goal is to be able to visit with our families friends and loved ones. The easiest way to accomplish this would be for the Mayor’s office and the DC DOC to adjust their policy and adhere to the CDC guidance by allowing in-person visits for the unvaccinated.

You may be wondering how you can help. Funny you ask. If there’s one thing we’ve learned and that we know it is that The Gateway Pundit’s audience is active. Your kindness, your love and your willingness to help know no bounds. We are so thankful for The Gateway Pundit, Mr. Hoft and you all.

If you would take just a few minutes today to send a few emails, make a few calls, write a few letters or do all three, you would be giving a voice to the voiceless. You can be a part of reuniting all of us with our families and friends. Thank you so very much for your time and efforts in advance. May God bless you all.

Shane Jenkins

Political Prisoner #377186


Jenkins has also filed a complaint with the DC Department of Corrections over the “irreparable harm and cruel and unusual treatment” inmates are subjected to under Covid tyranny.

Mickey Whittehoft, the mother of slain Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, is a staunch advocate for the J6 defendants. Since August 1, Witthoeft and Randy Ireland, the founder of Americans4Justice, a nonprofit have attended nearly every J6 defendant’s hearing.

“Some of these political prisoners did comply and get vaccinated just to see their families and they’ve still prohibited them from visitation, so I don’t know what kind of seditious game they’re playing,” Witthoeft told TGP in September.

An estimated six hundred men and women have been apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for protesting the stolen election on Capitol Hill on January 6 and are suffering horribly at the hands of our corrupted government.

Most of Joe Biden’s political prisoners are being denied due process, held without bail, have yet to be convicted of a crime and are languishing in solitary confinement as they lose their livelihoods waiting month after month for a crooked judge and jury in Washington DC to begin to adjudicate their case.

** Please help support Jenkin’s legal fees here.

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