*Another* Poll Book Discrepancy Identified! This Time in Virginia’s Prince William County (VIDEO)

Over the weekend, The Gateway Pundit published compelling evidence that the electronic poll books can and have been manipulated to inflate the voter counts, whether intentionally or not.

In Dallas County, TX, one precinct caught in real-time.  They provided video evidence as well as testimony validating that voters were in fact being added to the poll books shortly before and immediately after polls had closed.

If you are going to inject ballots into an election, as seems to be the case in Columbia, New Hampshire where over 1200 people voted in a town of just 695, you have to have voters injected as well to account for the excess ballots.

In addition to the Poll Pad debacle in Dallas County, we have strong evidence that this occurred in Georgia as well.  Because of Georgia law, however, poll watchers are not able to see the poll pads directly and only rely on the numbers called out by poll workers every 2 hours.

Now a third location has confirmed a discrepancy with the poll books.  At least two precincts in Virginia’s Prince William County had more voters checked in than they had physical ballots.

According to DigitalPollWatchers.org:

Electoral Process Education Corporation (EPEC), a non-profit 501c (3) that performs election data analysis, is urging Virginia’s public election officials to verify scanner machine ballot counts before certification of results in key precincts as a result of recent findings.

The recommendation comes after election officers, analysts and observers discovered discrepancies in the data reported to and provided by the Virginia Department of Elections (“ELECT”). The findings raise questions about the proper certification of the machines in question, and whether issues were addressed according to statewide election protocols.

In at least two precincts in Prince William County (PWC) the number of physical ballots cast and accumulated was different than the machine scanner’s tally of ballots, as reported by election officers. The numbers must align as part of the precinct’s tracking of total ballots cast at the voting location.

Although the number of ballots impacted was small, the repeated findings raise questions about the origin of the errors and whether the machines were operating correctly.

In Virginia’s VA-7 Congressional District Race, election officers observed differences in ballot counts of voters who were checked in with pollbooks compared to the actual number of ballots in the machines throughout the day. When the election officers went to close out the polling station, they discovered a ballot scanner with 27 more ballots represented in the electronic total than physical ballots present inside the machine’s collection bin.  The scanner reported 531 ballots scanned and recorded, but only 504 physical ballots were in the collection bin underneath the scanner.

Election officers documented these issues with the General Registrar and Electoral Board and recorded the information in the official Statement of Results (SOR) and Chief’s notes. The officers proceeded to conduct a hand tabulation of the vote totals on the ballots in accordance with election procedures. They repeated this tabulation multiple times, with multiple officers witnessing the process.  The results of the hand tabulation, as compared to the scanner totals, is as follows:

The Democrat candidate received 22 of the unexplained votes, a 7.86% difference compared to the physical ballot tally for the candidate. The Republican candidate received another 3 votes, a 1.34% difference over the physical ballot tally for the candidate.  There were 2 write-in ballots.

The House of Representatives race between Abigail Spencer (D) and Yesli Vega (R) was separated by less than 12,000 votes out of 270,000 cast.  Precincts are being urged to count the total number of ballots by hand and compare them to the poll books to ensure accuracy.

There will be much more to come on this story!


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