YIKES: 64-Year-Old Madonna Posts Topless Photos on Instagram

In the latest round of Madonna being creepy on social media, the 64-year-old has posted topless photos of herself.

The aging performer wore a gold underbust corset and used tiny emojis to cover up her nipples.

In another, since-deleted post, she covered her nipples using text.

“It appears Madonna is sending a message with her use of nipple-covering emojis … one breast has a candy emoji and the other has a money bag emoji … and she posted another topless selfie with the phrase ‘went from candy to money’ superimposed over her nipples,” reports TMZ.

“The ‘Like a Virgin’ performer, 64, has been going hard in channeling the most unabashedly sex-plicit chapter of her legendary career in light of the 30th anniversary of her coffee table book ‘Sex,’ a volume of soft-core pornographic photographs of the singer drawing heavily on S&M imagery, as well as the debut of her album ‘Erotica’ the same month of October 1992,” Page Six reports.

The mother of six recently declared that she is “obsessed” with sex. She also stated that she regrets both of her marriages.

In a recent TikTok, she also implied that she is now gay.



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