US Supreme Court Overturns Pennsylvania Court – Rules that Ballots with Even Minor Flaws Cannot Be Counted in Elections

The corrupt Democrats and RINOs can no longer include ballots with flaws in them in an election per the US Supreme Court.  

The Supreme Court ruled that ballots with flaws in them cannot be counted in Pennsylvania elections.

The Conservative Brief reported yesterday:

The United States Supreme Court has sided with a Pennsylvania Republican in a ballot case for a judgeship.

The Supreme Court nixed a lower court ruling that allowed the counting of mail-in ballots that did not have the date on them, the Associated Press reported.

The justices vacated the ruling by the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals as requested by David Ritter, who lost his 2021 bid for a spot on the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas to a Democratic rival by five votes after 257 absentee ballots without date notations were counted.

The high court’s action means that the 3rd Circuit ruling cannot be used as a precedent in the three states covered by this regional federal appellate court – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware – to allow the counting of ballots with minor flaws such as the voter failing to fill in the date.

The campaign for Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania recognized that the lower court’s ruling was in error and would negatively impact future elections in the state, so they joined David Ritter in his appeal.

But the campaign for Oz submitted a brief in support of judicial candidate David Ritter. “The Third Circuit’s thinly reasoned and erroneous decision — which addressed a county judicial election conducted more than six months ago — is now being weaponized to undermine the apparent result of a statewide primary election for the Republican nomination to represent Pennsylvania in the United States Senate,” his attorneys said.

In May, the three-judge panel on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling that said election officials should count several hundred mail ballots that were received without a date on the envelopes in an election for county judge that was received on time, Politico reported.

Pennsylvania elections are a joke and have been for some time.  In 2019 the state’s auditor reported on the abysmal state of the state’s election process.

Pennsylvania’s Election Process Was Confirmed as Not Being Accurate, Complete, or In Compliance with Laws by the State’s Auditor General in December 2019

For any doubters that the 2020 Election in Pennysylvania was a mess – just look at the videos in the article below.

PART I: Two Short Videos That Will Silence Any Doubters on Whether the 2020 Election Was Manufactured and Stolen

The 2020 Election in Pennsylvania should never have been certified for Joe Biden.  Never.

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