How Much Integrity is Left in the Mockingbird Media? 2000Mules and TGP’s Tarrant County Evidence is a “Tell-All”

The 2000Mules documentary released by Dinesh D’Souza in conjunction with TrueTheVote showed very convincing evidence of ballot harvesting rings in swing states where cell phone data was tracked.  Rather than the Mockingbird Media talking with Catherine Engelbrecht or Gregg Phillips about their data and discoveries, they instead attacked them.  One anchor, Tucker Carlson, had Engelbrecht on his show but she was forbidden from saying “2000Mules” by FOX News attorneys.
On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit reported on another “conspiracy theory” or “misinformation campaign” from the TrueTheVote team revealed in August at a private event known as “The Pit”.  The information revolved around a Michigan-based technology firm called Konnech that sold poll worker management software, among other things.  On Monday, the New York Times’ Stuart A Thompson, the self proclaimed “Fake News Phenomenon”, published an article claiming “conspiracy theorists” were attacking the Konnech CEO, Eugene Yu, over false allegations, etc.
You would think that Stuart A Thompson and/or The New York Times would have the integrity to take the article down the following day when Eugene Yu was arrested by the Los Angeles DA for Theft of Data that was allegedly shipped off to China, but the article still remains published on the New York Times.  There is no integrity in the Mockingbird Media.  Only biases to imprint on the unknowing masses, hypnotized by extreme partisanship in the guise of “a credible source.”
The Konnech arrest lends credibility to the 2000Mules documentary, however, “fact checkers” have written it off as inaccurate, inconclusive, or not “solid proof.”  It’s not solid proof.  It’s evidence.    Evidence is what you give to investigators who should then open up a thorough and transparent investigation, especially when it involves the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.
In fact, Michigan lawmakers called for investigations after seeing 2000Mules and supplemental footage released by The Gateway Pundit that validates TrueTheVotes ballot harvesting evidence.  <insert Mockingbird Media>  Imagine calling something “debunked” in the same sentence as a lawmakers are calling for an investigation.  How can you “debunk” something that hasn’t been investigated?  Ironic.  But this is what we are up against.
We are up against a rogue Mockingbird Media that will toe the line and regurgitate the Establishment talking points to ensure they remain on the good graces of the Big Tech Oligarchs for fear of being shadow-banned or worse, de-platformed.  The Gateway Pundit is no stranger to this:  Robby Starbuck pointed out yesterday on Twitter, The Gateway Pundit is listed as the #2 “Repeat Spreader of Misinformation” by the “Election Integrity Partnership”, a highly partisan group of big tech conglomerates and a government contracted non-profit who acts as a “singular conduit for election officials to report false or misleading information to platforms.”  This same self-proclaimed “singular conduit” to trample on Free Speech is also contracted by the DHS to run security at the county level in thousands of jurisdictions.
So what does all of that have to do with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram?  Well, in September, a writer by the name of Abby Church wrote two articles about some police body cam footage from Fort Worth Police Department that The Gateway Pundit obtained.  In that footage, a man convicted of ballot crimes in 2019 implicates Stuart Clegg and Deborah Peoples as the person who directed and paid him.  In the first article Church wrote, she titles it “Tarrant GOP cites unauthenticated allegations, social media posts in attacks on Democrats.”   Then, five days later, she writes another article titles “Tarrant County sheriff won’t investigate voter fraud claims in body camera footage.”   So once again, the media runs cover saying something is “unauthenticated allegations” and then just days later acknowledges that law enforcement won’t investigate.
Furthermore, Church published some very disparaging remarks about The Gateway Pundit in a quote the candidate Deborah Peoples texted her:
“…disrespecting voters by leaning on false information from an outlet famous for spreading lies to serve an extreme agenda.”
Church also shared a disparaging comment from the Tarrant County Democratic Chair, Allison Campolo, who said:
“…Tarrant Republicans used an extremely right wing source of misinformation to spread this lie.  When the Sherriff’s office is prepared to formally expose this lie for what it is, we are ready to share their findings.

This is a claim she knows will never come to fruition because the sheriff has already refused to investigate.

In this email below to Abby Church that I sent on October 3rd, I not only asked why she didn’t reach out to The Gateway Pundit or myself for any comment to the disparaging remarks she made herself and two that she quoted, but I also laid out the evidence that supplements the body cam footage and refutes Peoples’ and Campolo’s statements that these are “baseless allegations” and “lies to serve an extreme agenda”  (yes, ballot harvesting is an “extreme agenda” to these people):


Good morning, Abby.  I was reaching out to see why you published a quote saying the Gateway Pundit publishes “misinformation” to “spread this lie” about an article I wrote documenting authenticated police body cam footage obtained in an Open Records Request without asking myself or anyone else at Gateway Pundit for any comment or rebuttal.  There are email options readily available on my article through Gateway Pundit, just like your email is on Star-Telegram.  You also said in another article: “(Deborah) Peoples said in a text message Thursday evening that the GOP was “disrespecting voters by leaning on false information from an outlet famous for spreading lies to serve an extreme agenda.”  Again, these are defamatory attacks through comments you sought out without any opportunity afforded to rebut them from those the attacks are leveraged against.

Instead you choose to run a denouncement of the evidence and a refusal to investigate it on an absurd claim of “conflict of interest.”  I guess a candidate for office implicated numerous times in an election crime is acceptable in Tarrant County.  Ironically, your own paper documented Stuart Clegg’s alleged involvement as accused by four women of color currently serving time over this and also by a homeless man of color. (Since Campolo played the race card in her TCDP Press Release)

Your own publication mentions that you tried to interview Jackson back in 2018 when he was arrested, but that he was bonded out before you got the chance.

Once again, ironically, Jackson tells this officer the Star-Telegram wanted to interview him when he was in jail but that Stuart Clegg came and bonded him out.

So just to be crystal clear:

  • Jackson talks with this officer in 2016 with $1,000 cash on him and says its “voter related”.  The officer tells him it may be illegal and to stop.
  • in 2018 Jackson is arrested and charged with one count of providing false information on a ballot application.  Jackson admits here on this video that it was far, far more than just that charge.
  • your paper attempts to interview him in jail.  The Executive Director of the Tarrant County Democratic Party comes and bails him out of jail just in time to avoid him speaking with the press.
  • the four women of color in Fort Worth, who are unrelated to Clegg (should be Jackson) according to your own paper, also implicated Stuart Clegg.  Court documents also show Clegg named as an accomplice. (cntrl+f  –  “stuart clegg”)
  • Clegg, according to Jackson, puts him on a gag order.  According to Star Telegram, his attorneys were also under a gag order *after* the hearing, which is bizarrre.  It is unclear if Jackson’s attorney, Gerard Kardonsky, is a public defender or private counsel.  If the latter, how does a homeless man afford that?
  • The officer from 2016 sees Jackson again in 2020.  Jackson recognizes him and begins talking.  Jackson is not detained or being accused of any crime.  This is a voluntary engagement with law enforcement.
  • A homeless man who was charged with election fraud charges gets 10 days time served (instead of 10 years with prior felony enhancements), he is bonded out by the Executive Director of the TCDP and Peoples campaign manager, he then talks to police candidly and names both of them plus “Rubin” as paying him to do this and giving him “bonuses” including a moped, he remembers specifically your publisher trying to interview him as mentioned in the Nov 19, 2018 article:
    • Jackson had agreed to a jailhouse interview with the Star-Telegram, but was released from jail before the interview was to occur Monday morning. He did not immediately return a message left for him at the homeless shelter in Fort Worth that he listed as his address on jail documents.

And you think its ethical journalism to run a one-sided story where you ask the TCDP for comment but you don’t ask for comment from myself or The Gateway Pundit after they directly attack our publication and my story not once, but twice?

I plan on addressing this in podcast form as well as on The Gateway Pundit in the coming days.  Let me know if you have any questions you would like make for the publication.

It is amazing that a “news” organization would ignore their own reporting from 2018 and 2019 to instead publish propagandized statements from Democrat officials with glaring conflicts of interest, who, rather than address the facts, throw out mud slinging defamatory statements about The Gateway Pundit and Republicans.

Perhaps Abby Church will reach out to Stuart Clegg and ask him if he bailed out Charles Nathan Jackson?  Perhaps the bondsman that bailed him out will be permitted to release the records of who paid for it or confirm Jackson’s statement on record that Clegg bonded him out when the Star-Telegram showed up to interview him?

Or, perhaps the clock will wind down, and perhaps the most convincing evidence supporting 2000Mules ballot harvesting discovery will be a forgotten memory and the very fabric from which our constitutional republic was sown will be torn and tattered to threads.  Our elections are the “secure” because they tell us that, not because they’ll validate it.




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