“Academia is Dead” – Leading Medical Journal’s ‘Peer-Reviewed’ Pro-Vaccine Study Listed “Unvaccinated People with a Previous Infection” as “Fully Vaccinated”

Just when you thought the Covid-deranged establishment medical community couldn’t lose any more credibility, the formerly reputable medical journal ‘Nature Communications’ comes along and says ‘hold my beer.’

Despite a growing mountain of evidence showing that the experimental Covid vaccines are ineffective at preventing infection and transmission, a newly published peer-reviewed study in the journal ‘Nature‘ has concluded that “fully vaccinated and booster-vaccinated contacts are generally less susceptible to infection compared to unvaccinated contacts.”

In other words, ‘the vaccines prevent sickness and transmission.’ And here’s the peer-reviewed study to prove it – just in time for midterms booster season.

The study, titled “Household transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in Denmark” examined the Covid transmission and infection rates of 60,000+ individuals to find out what was causing infection rates to remain so high throughout the arrival of the Omicron and Delta variants. After compiling the data, they determined that the unvaccinated are at a greater risk of infection than their vaccinated peers.

How convenient… But unfortunately for the scientists, the study does not hold up to even an ounce of scrutiny, as the propagandist ‘experts’ (or conversely, the expert propagandists) manipulated the data in such an egregious way that it caused heads to explode across the scientific community.

In one such response to the Nature study, Dr. Simon Goddek – a prominent scientist who specializes in biotechnologies and has been a leading critic of the experimental Covid jabs – blasted the bogus findings while lamenting about the demise of his entire profession on Telegram:

“Academia is dead. The peer review process is a joke… I am ashamed to be a scientist. From now on I am calling myself an independent science journalist.”


So how on earth did they come up with the data to support their ridiculous conclusion? Well, the study’s authors – some 20 leading ‘medical professionals’ – made their manufactured determination by counting unvaccinated individuals with a prior Covid infection as “fully vaccinated” – Yes… Really…

On the flip side, unvaccinated individuals included “individuals with partial vaccination” – you know, just in case they needed to play with the numbers some more.

This is made clear in the study’s notes from Table 2 (titled: “Effect of Vaccination”), which states:

“1. aUnvaccinated includes individuals with partial vaccination.

2. bFully vaccinated includes unvaccinated individuals with previous infection.”

Source: Dr. Simon Goddek’s Telegram

This completely crude manipulation allowed them to surmise that “vaccination and booster vaccination does confer protection” and that the vaccinated (who might not have taken a vaccine) are “less susceptible” to the Covid virus.

Aka. Propaganda at its finest. Pay no mind to the staggering evidence to the contrary – especially the part that shows the vaccine will increase the chances of cardiac-related DEATH by as much as 84%.

BREAKING BIG: FL Surgeon General Finds 84% Increase in Cardiac-Related DEATH in Males 18-39 Following mRNA Vaccine – Recommends Young Males Refrain from Receiving COVID Vaccine

What’s even more concerning, however, is that the bogus study made it through the peer-review process without a single objection being raised, according to Dr. Goddek…

What a total clown show…

From Dr. Goddek:

“That’s how they manipulate data to justify injecting us with that gene therapy. The publication includes 20 authors and no objections were raised? Even the peer reviewers had nothing to claim about.”

Unbelievably, the study’s authors did address their decision to group the unvaccinated with the vaccinated, and vice-versa. They ridiculously claimed that if the two groups had been separated it would “not materially change our results.” However, that excuse does not hold water, because the only two categories defined in the study are “vaccinated individuals” and “unvaccinated individuals.” If you mix some into the other group, the entire premise of the study falls apart. Plus, natural immunity has proven to be superior and longer-lasting than the experimental jab. Calling those who have never been vaccinated “fully vaccinated” undermines the entire notion of vaccines, no? So, what’s the point?

Again, it’s pure propaganda. This has never been about saving lives.


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