Joe Biden Lashes Out at Trump: “Look What I’ve Inherited and Look What I’ve Done!” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on the ‘deficit reduction’ his economic plan is supposedly achieving.

No serious person believes Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend policies have reduced the deficit.

Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan and Inflation Reduction Act have not only added to the deficit, the spending has caused historic and painful inflation.

“Look at what I’ve inherited and what I’ve done!” Biden said.

Biden inherited 1.4% inflation and now it is well over 8% because Democrat lawmakers and Joe Biden have spent trillion of dollars.

The charts don’t lie:

The Treasury Department earlier this month released data on the total national debt.

For the first time in US history, the national debt has surpassed $31 trillion.

Another Biden record.

  • Soaring gas prices.
  • Inflation at 40-year-highs.
  • Record US debt.
  • Out-of-control border crisis.

Yet here’s Joe Biden patting himself on the back before leaving for another weekend vacation in Delaware.


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