German MP Petr Bystron Speaks to 100,000 in Prague: “Donald Trump’s Populism is Sweeping the World!”

Petr Bystron speaking in Prague Wednesday

100,000 Czech citizens gathered on Prague’s Wenceslas Square to protest against the government, skyrocketing energy prices and an out-of-control war on the brink of going nuclear on Wednesday, 9/28 under the motto “Czechia First”.

The biggest barn-storming speech was given by Gateway Pundit’s Eagle Award winner 2018, Czech-German parliamentarian Petr Bystron (Alternative for Germany – AfD) , who lauded the populist movement sweeping the world, “not only here in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, but all over Europe, all over the world.”

“Donald Trump is a populist, too,” Bystron said to huge applause from the pro-Trump crowd. “He fought for the average citizen! He continues to fight for people who go to work and pay taxes. That’s why the globalists are after him, that’s why they raid his home. That’s why they’re now even going after his children! But we won’t give up, we will keep up the fight against them. We saw through their lies long ago!”

Bystron said the demonstrations taking place across Europe “are just the beginning.” He noted how
the right-wing Sweden Democrats and Georgia Meloni in Italy won recent elections, and how “Viktor Orban has already won four elections in a row and each time he got more votes.”

“Georgia Meloni put it best,” communist refugee Bystron said: “We fight for family, God and country! And I would add: We fight for our freedom!”

Petr Bystron’s speech in Czech (English subtitles):





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