Did General David Petraeus Let The Ukrainian Cat Out Of The Bag?

The disgraced General and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, David Petraeus, appears to have a touch of schizophrenia. During an interview with France’s L’Express last Saturday, retired General Petraeus first insisted that Ukraine has the Russians on the run:

Petraeus . . . claimed that Russia has little chance of reversing the trajectory of the conflict in Ukraine thanks to America’s financial assistance.

Additionally, the U.S. has “many options” should Russia decide to launch a nuclear weapon, he said.

At the same time, Petraeus said that his earlier words had described “just one” of “many options” America has in store in case Russia resorts to the use of nuclear arms, which he called an “extremely bad decision.”

The general also said that he still thinks there is nothing Russia could do to change the situation on the frontlines, which, according to Petraeus, is unfavorable to Moscow.


Got that? “THERE IS NOTHING RUSSIA COULD DO to change the situation on the frontlines.” Game over. The Russians are beat.

So, here is the question–If the Russians are trapped and destined to lose; if the Russians can do nothing to change the inevitable outcome of the war, which means their total defeat, then why does Petraeus do a volte face stating that U.S. intervention could be necessary? This contradicts the meme that the Russians are beat, Putin is toast and Ukraine can see Moscow in the distance.

Petraeus, inadvertently displaying his dull intellect, tells the reporter that Ukraine may not have the war wrapped up and that the United States “MAY” lead an international rescue team into the conflict:

The United States may lead a multinational coalition against Russia in Ukraine regardless of NATO involvement, according to retired U.S. Army General David Petraeus.

In an interview with France’s L’Express on Saturday, Petraeus predicted that Russia could take actions in Ukraine that are “so shocking and so horrific” that direct U.S. intervention would be necessary.

“We are talking about the intervention of the North Atlantic Alliance in the event of an attack on one of the NATO members. But it is necessary to consider the option of using not NATO forces in Ukraine, but multinational forces that have nothing to do with NATO,” Petraeus, who also briefly served as CIA director, said.


Petraeus established his reputation as the man who does not think with his brain when he was fired from the CIA for security lapses, that included banging his paramour in his CIA office–under a desk no less. He apparently relied on a less prominent member of his anatomy for cogitation.

Which is it Dave? Ukraine’s victory is inevitable and there is nothing the Russians can do to stop it, or, the U.S. needs to rally a multi-national force to stop Russia and save Ukraine?

The euphoria from late September about Ukraine’s counter offensive, which crushed the Russian troops and sent them fleeing in panic, has evaporated. Poof!! It seems that the Russian front has stiffened and Russia is systematically turning off the electricity throughout western Ukraine. I have been in Kiev. A large portion of the population lives in high rise buildings that are at least 10 stories tall. If the power is out, water is not flowing to those upper floors. That means no toilets and no showers. Not even cold ones.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s Government tacitly admits that Russia’s missile and drone campaign targeting the electricity infrastructure has been a success. According to British Sky News:

Russian missile and drone strikes are thought to have damaged up to 40% of the country’s energy infrastructure, leaving Kyiv in darkness.

A Ukrainian minister has urged refugees who fled the country after Russia’s invasion to stay away this winter.

Iryna Vereshchuk, a deputy prime minister, said blackouts caused by Moscow’s bombardment of power stations would put a heavy strain on the country.

How can Russia, who reportedly is getting the stuffing beat out of it by the Ukrainian military, still capable of causing widespread damage to Ukraine’s critical infrastructure? Too bad the French reporter did not ask that question to General Petraeus.

In case you missed it, I was on RT’s Cross Talk on Thursday with Scott Ritter.


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