The FBI Put the Equivalent of a $1 Million Bounty on President Trump’s Head to Frame Him – Gregg Jarrett

President Trump shared Gregg Jarrett’s truthful analysis of the FBI’s efforts to frame President Trump in a recent truth.

Gregg Jarrett has followed the corrupt and criminal Mueller exam from the start.  Jarrett knew it was unconstitutional and he shared this from the start and we shared his position.

Gregg Jarrett at FOX News wrote when Mueller initially brought charges against Manafort that Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility. He is being asked to do something that is manifestly unattainable because there is no such thing as the crime of collusion with foreign countries in the US statutory code.

HERE IT IS=> The 10 Different Reasons the Mueller Investigation is Unconstitutional!

Last week Jarrett shared his thoughts about revelations coming out of the recent case involving one of the individuals behind the fraudulent Steele dossier:

An FBI analyst dropped a bombshell in a Virginia federal courtroom Tuesday: the FBI secretly offered Christopher Steele $1 million if the ex-British spy could only corroborate his phony dossier that accused Trump of colluding with Russia.

Think about that.  James Comey and his crooked cronies at the bureau were so desperate to topple Trump that they put the equivalent of a a taxpayer-funded bounty on the president’s head to frame him.  Bring us the evidence, and we’ll make you rich!

The stunning revelation came on the first day of the criminal trial of Igor Danchenko who is charged by special counsel John Durham of lying to the FBI about the dossier.

Of course, Steele could not possibly prove any of his dossier because it was pure fiction —totally made up.  And the FBI knew it almost from the outset because Steele’s primary source told them so.  Early on, Danchenko confessed to the FBI that the document was utterly bogus.  He admitted to agents that it was nothing more than a devious composition of rumors, innuendo, multiple hearsay, and outright lies.

Declassified documents show that the entire collusion smear was invented by Hillary Clinton herself in the summer of 2016 and funded by her campaign.  Independently, the agency had already debunked it but told no one.

The FBI and DOJ are no longer respected entities.  They have been taken over by monsters who place personal objectives ahead of justice.  Criminals are running the justice system. 

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