Far-Left Politico Actually Wrote A Fair Piece About AZ Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake – Why? Because SHE’S GOING TO WIN

Kari Lake embraces a young supporter at a Hispanic townhall event

Politico has actually published a fair and honest story about Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake titled, “Kari Lake’s Arizona campaign looks like nothing you’ve seen before.”

They got it right because she is winning and her opponent, Katie Hobbs, is a racist and out-of-touch coward!

Politico has been no friend to conservatives in the past, colluding against President Trump, pushing Russia collusion hoax stories, and covering for the illegitimate Biden Regime by saying they were “largely gaffe-free.” But, more recently, they have gotten some things right, including predicting in April that Republicans will reclaim the House and Senate.

Other liberal media outlets are still clinging to the idea that Democrats won’t face a reckoning in November despite the destructive policies we have seen over the last two years.

Far-Left Politico Claims Biden to Date is “Largely Gaffe-Free” – This is Today’s Big Media – Sick, Dishonest and a Horrible Joke Like in a Garbage Regime

More recently, they have decided to tell the truth about Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake’s incredible campaign and her game-changing strategy.

On Thursday, Politico reported,

Arizona Republican Kari Lake is running for governor as a hard-charging outsider. That’s why it came as a surprise when, ahead of the August primary, a supporter asked her about a rumor that she’d hired prominent GOP strategists closely aligned with the party establishment.

“I don’t know who these people are,” Lake pushed back, adding that she didn’t have “big, high-priced D.C. consultants” and that she preferred her team of true believers, many of them pro-Donald Trump 20-somethings who are new to politics. To drive the point home, Lake recalled, she waved over one of her young lieutenants and asked him to show off his “MAGA” tattoo — which happened to be on the inside of his lower lip.

The episode illustrates how Lake, a 53-year-old former local TV news anchor and first-time candidate running in a key swing state, has ripped out almost every page in the well-worn playbook on how to wage a campaign. And it highlights how aversion to old ways of doing business within the Republican Party is animating a new class of candidates after Trump’s presidency.

Lake is looking to extend the GOP’s 14-year hold on the Arizona governorship, but her campaign has little in common with the Republicans that ran before her.

Lake calls herself her own campaign manager, believes political consultants “don’t know what the hell they’re talking about” and refuses to call big donors who are accustomed to being courted. She ignores advice from the Arizona political class and says she’s not a “huge believer” in running TV ads, where campaigns typically spend most of their budget. Her “body man” works full-time as a realtor, her husband is her videographer and, until a few days ago, she had an old-school website that looked like it was designed during the early days of the Internet.

And while other candidates use polling data to shape their strategy, Lake hasn’t commissioned a single private survey since she won the primary— choosing instead, she says, to go with her instincts and interactions on the campaign trail.

While some seasoned Republican political hands wince, Lake is seeing positive returns — and has emerged as one of the most formidable Trump-aligned candidates of the midterms. After soundly defeating a better-funded primary opponent who had the backing of the sitting governor, Lake is in a neck-and-neck race with the incumbent Democratic secretary of state, Katie Hobbs.

She was also cool to TV advertising, reasoning that ads become white noise in a state flooded with political commercials. During the primary, she was outspent on the airwaves 17-to-1 by her rival, former Arizona Board of Regents member Karrin Taylor Robson. Toward the end of the race, Lake decided to stop running TV ads because she thought they were being drowned out and were a waste of money. So far in the general election, Lake has been outspent by Hobbs 7-to-1, according to media tracking figures.

Despite the massive outspending by Democrat Katie Hobbs of 7-to-1, a recent poll shows Kari Lake still in the lead by nearly five points!

Because of Katie Hobbs’ horrendous record of supporting bad liberal policies, her history of racism, and her out-of-touch nature, Hobbs is terrified of Kari Lake and won’t even appear in public next to her, let alone agree to a full-on debate.

Kari Lake called out the silence from the Left-wing media and Hobbs’ cowardice on Wednesday night at a Hispanic Gubernatorial Townhall event that Hobbs refused to appear at. The Gateway Pundit reported on the full event that was live-streamed by Kari Lake.

“Whatever You Call Us, The True Racist Is Katie Hobbs. Twice-convicted!” – Kari Lake Eats Up The Fake News Media After Event With South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

Lake called Hobbs out on her absence numerous times during this Hispanic town hall forum as she won over the voters. According to a straw poll conducted at the event, Kari Lake won an astounding  98.9% of the voters in attendance, with just one Hobbs supporter in the crowd.

Lake: I wish, by the way, that my opponent was here because the people here in the media — and some of them are from national media — they never pin her down on where she stands. They never ask her, are you okay with aborting a baby nine months in the womb? Because they know that she’s okay with that. The media chases after me, and I always speak to them. But she won’t answer the questions. She won’t answer the questions, and she didn’t have the courage to be here. I think that should tell you something. She’s hiding something. What is she hiding? I think we know: her terrible record.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that earlier this week, Katie Hobbs struggled to name one good thing about Hispanic voters at a different Hispanic Gubernatorial Forum. This is likely why she declined to address another crowd of Latino voters on Wednesday.

HILARIOUS AUDIO: Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs Struggles To Name One Thing She’s Learned From The Hispanic Community At Embarrassing Hispanic Townhall Event

Even the children love Kari Lake because she “takes care of babies,” shouted one young supporter at a recent Latinos for Kari Lake event.

Lake is almost guaranteed a victory this November as long as Katie Hobbs executes a free and fair election as Secretary of State.


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