BREAKING: Weak Democrat Katie Hobbs Releases Statement Declining Debate Against Kari Lake, Requests Separate Interviews AGAIN

Democratic Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs has released a new statement in response to the Citizens Clean Elections Commission debate invitation saying she will not debate Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the commission voted last Thursday to reject Katie Hobbs’ proposal for separate interviews in a forum instead of a debate. Hobbs’ campaign manager, speaking on her behalf, slandered Kari Lake and refused to provide an acceptable debate format.

Katie Hobbs’ Campaign Manager Refuses To Provide Acceptable Debate Format To Arizona Clean Elections Commission – Kari Lake Rep. Censored By Commission

Previously, Kari Lake offered to allow Katie Hobbs to choose the time, date, moderators, and even the debate questions before going on stage with Kari.

In a new statement, Hobbs’ team attacked Kari Lake again with name-calling and attempted to gaslight the voters by saying, debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake – whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule – would only lead to constant interruptions, pointless distractions, and childish name-calling.”

This is a hilarious excuse because Katie Hobbs did not even show up to her own Democratic Primary Debate. She is afraid to debate anyone on her terrible record in office, which includes racial discrimination.

Katie Hobbs is also infamous for her name-calling against Republican voters and labeling Trump supporters “Neo-Nazis.”

However, she has been found guilty by two separate juries of racially and sexually discriminating against an employee at the Arizona Senate. Who is the real neo-Nazi?


PHOENIX – Today, Secretary Katie Hobbs’ campaign manager, Nicole DeMont, responded to the Citizens Clean Elections Commission with the following statement:

“Secretary Hobbs remains willing and eager to participate in a town hall style event, such as the forum she participated in last week in which Arizonans were able to hear directly from Sec. Hobbs about her in-depth policy plans and how she would approach governing this state. Unfortunately, debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake – whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule – would only lead to constant interruptions, pointless distractions, and childish name-calling. Arizonans deserve so much better than Kari Lake, and that’s why we’re confident Katie Hobbs will be elected our next governor. 

We must respectfully decline the invitation.”

At one point, Katie Hobbs was trending in Phoenix for her weakness.

Lake sent the following letter to the Clean Elections Commission, requesting them to extend the deadline and keep the invitation open to Hobbs.

September 12, 2022
Citizens Clean Elections Commission
1616 W. Adams St., Suite 110
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
To Whom It May Concern,

We were disappointed to hear over the weekend that Katie Hobbs has yet again turned down the invitation from the Clean Elections Commission to join the debate planned for October 12th, 2022, despite the extension you granted her last week to propose new terms for an actual debate format.

It’s evident that Hobbs has little regard for the mission of the Clean Elections Commission or the desire of the voters of Arizona to see their two gubernatorial candidates debate side-by-side, as they have done for decades.

It’s also disturbing that Hobbs, who currently serves as our Secretary of State and administrator of our elections, thinks so little of the voters and the democratic process that she would rob them of their one chance for a fair and informative debate.

This entire episode has been incredibly revealing of Hobbs’ character. Hobbs is clearly afraid to debate Kari Lake, but given that Hobbs also refused to debate her opponent in her primary, we suspect she has a paralyzing fear of being challenged on stage by anyone who might question her record. That fear may be understandable, but we believe it is a disqualifying trait from someone who is asking to lead Arizona in a high-profile, public office for the next four years.

We are writing to confirm with the Commission that, despite Hobbs’ refusal, Kari Lake still plans to attend the debate moderated by Ted Simmons as originally planned.

However, we are also asking the Commission to approve another extension of the deadline you set for Hobbs last week and keep the invitation for Hobbs to join the debate open. Kari Lake will not protest if Hobbs agrees to show up for the debate in the 11th hour – even if it’s the day of- and it is our hope that the Commission won’t either. While we understand that a last minute reversal by Hobbs would pose logistical challenges for the Commission and for Simmons, we believe that the prospect of an actual debate between the two candidates is too important to the people of Arizona to allow artificial deadlines to get in the way.

It is our hope that Hobbs will have a change of heart and find the courage between now and October 12th to join Kari Lake on the debate stage and have a real discussion about the issues facing Arizona, their plans to address them, and their visions for our state’s future. Either way, we look forward to working with the Commission on putting together the closest thing to an actual debate that the people of Arizona can get.

Thank you,
Kari Lake for Governor

Even the Fake News Media has turned on Katie Hobbs, but nobody’s watching anyway

Kari Lake will appear on the debate stage alone on October 12 if Katie Hobbs cannot muster the courage to defend her ideas.

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