Emergency Broadcast: J-6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Put in Isolation in Maximum Security Prison for Recording Audio for TGP – HAS NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME, HAS BEEN JAILED SINCE JAN 2021 – AUDIO

American Political Prisoner Jake Lang has been in prison since January 16, 2021, almost 23 months now.

Jake Lang witnessed Roseann Boyland’s death on January 6th, something the media has almost completely ignored. Jake was on the ground with Rosanne when she died.

Jake Lang witnessed police viciously pushing Roseanne Boyland and the crowd. The police beat her, and doused her and others with pepper spray and tear gas. Jake saw Phillip Anderson, unconscious and crushed by the police and crowd, right next to Boyland. He lifted Anderson and dragged him out of the pile, and with others, Jake carried Phillip away from the scene, saving his life. This story has been confirmed by Anderson, who credits Jake Lang with rescuing him that day.

According to Lang:

“I was begging the Capitol police to stop pummeling people over on top of them, brutally beating protesters … I couldn’t let any more people die in front of my face…I was trying to pull Roseann with all my might as she turned from purple to blue to white. The police kept knocking people all over her, she was at the bottom of the pile. I was frantically flailing my arms begging police to stop but the police kept pummeling. I couldn’t pull out Roseann, but I am so thankful I was able to pull out Phillip.”

Mr. Lang and other Jan. 6 defendants testified that they did not use force against the police until the police started viciously beating, gassing, attacking, smothering and killing Trump supporters that day.

The entire video from that day at the US Capitol has yet to be released. Liz Cheney and her committee have not spent a single minute on the brutal death of Rosanne Boyland or the attempts by several Trump supporters to rescue the poor woman from the police beating. The police officer who was filmed beating Rosanne Boyland as she lay unconscious was later awarded a trip to Disney World.

Jake was arrested on January 16, 2021.

During his incarceration, Jake Lang has been moved around to several east coast prisons including the DC Gulag. Last month the US government moved Jake Lang to the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Virginia. Jake is held in the maximum-security wing of the jail along with murderers and violent criminals.

Today Jake Lang called The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft.

Jake Lang was interviewing Don and Donna from Cowboy Logic for his weekly Political Prisoner podcast for The Gateway Pundit. Jake had finished one segment and then when he started a second segment it was interrupted by the prison guards.

Jake was dragged to isolation at the Rappahannock Jail.

This morning Jake called The Gateway Pundit.

Jake told us he gets one hour every two days out of his cell.

Jake is kept in isolation in a cell with no window, with a door with no window. Jake does not see anyone for days.

They are torturing Jake Lang because he continues to tell his story and speak out. The DOJ put Jake in isolation one time for 3 months. Jake IS NOT a convicted criminal and has been in prison for nearly 23 months now where he is regularly tortured and abused.

We are posting the entire transcript from our 8-minute call today.

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00:00:00.760] – Jim Hoft — Okay. Jake good morning. This is Jake Lang, and Jake just called me from his prison where they just moved him. How’s it going?

[00:00:12.110] – Jake Lang –Good morning, Jim. God’s with us. Even in our darkest hour, He’s still there. So I have been thrown into the hole in Rappahannock Regional Jail for trying to do an interview for my Political Prisoner podcast last night with Don from Cowboy Logic over at Real America’s Voice. And this hole here is unlike any other place I’ve ever been at. And I’ve been in the hole in nine other jails. But this place is especially grotesque and inhumane. There’s no window in my room to the outside world. I don’t know what time of day it is, and if it’s day or night, and then there’s no window in my cell door, so I never get to see another human being’s space. I come out once every other day for 1 hour to a cage outside with no other human beings.

[00:01:05.740] – Jim HoftOh, my God!

[00:01:06.270] – Jake Lang –I shower Monday, Wednesday, Friday. So between Friday and Monday is over 72 hours between my showers, and I’m treated worse than a dog. This is by far the most socialist isolation I’ve ever even come across for any human being. 1 hour out, 47 hours in a cell, plus no face-to-face human contact the entire time I’m down here. There’s people who are down here, Jim, who’ve been down here in this year. They’re called XP Two Rabbit Regional Jail for over three months, and they’ve never seen each other’s faces. They don’t know what each other looks like. The guys that live 6ft beside them in the next cell. And this is where they throw me, pending investigation, no charges filed on me, no disciplinary report. Same thing that happened to me in the DC jail. When I gave a speech to the Patriots about not taking a plea deal. They sent me to the whole for four months with no charges, just ending investigation, they call it. And now I’m down here.

[00:02:14.760] – Jim Hoft — Oh, my God.

[00:02:15.550] – Jake LangWhat time is it, Jim?

[00:02:19.160] – Jim Hoft — It’s 10:00 a.m. Eastern time. Yeah.

[00:02:22.810] – Jake Lang — Okay, thank you for that.

[00:02:24.280] – Jim Hoft — Hey, Jake, this is just for the audience. They’ve had you in prison since is it January or February of 2021?

[00:02:35.290] – Jake Lang — Since January of 2021.

[00:02:38.050] – Jim Hoft — Okay.

[00:02:38.440] – Jake Lang — Almost 23 months now.

[00:02:40.150] – Jim Hoft — And they just recently moved you to a maximum-security prison even though you have not even gone to court yet, is that correct?

[00:02:51.410] – Jake Lang — Yes. For the last three weeks, I was in the supermax block full of violent convicted felons. And God did show me so much grace there because I was able to start up a beautiful Bible study and actually just the day before yesterday. So the day before I got sent out to the hole, I actually baptized two young men in the name of Jesus up there. And I found a lot of favor up there with the Bible study work and the work of God. I was doing up there, so I wasn’t being attacked or anything like that. I did have a couple of people come up to me and claim I was a racist Trump supporter and stuff like that and try to solve problems, but basically just said, look, man, I’m here to talk about God and talk about liberty and anything else I really don’t feel like talking about with you. So if you want to talk about our Constitution and my fight for our liberty, or if you want to talk about God and my fight for spiritual liberty, I’m willing to entertain those conversations. But if you have anything negative to say about me being a patriot and your connotations on that, I’m not even going to entertain this.

[00:04:02.380] – Jake Lang — I have a good day, man. God bless you. So I just walked away. There’s a lot of brainwashing going on in the Virginia TVs right now. Every other commercial is the anti-Republican commercial with images of January 6 and calling us insurrectionist, white supremacist, and domestic terrorists. And so they’re sitting there watching TV all day, and they hear these commercials, and then they throw me in a pod with these guys. And so they try to put my life in nature, and God put his field of protection over me. His Holy Spirit guided me, and I was able to do a big Bible study. Nobody was doing Bible study there. About 1015 guys every night came and so deposits over 100 people, though massive people in one area that have a pretty shady past.

[00:04:52.290] – Jim Hoft — Oh, my gosh. Well, Jake, this is just horrendous. What the treatment you’re receiving from your government? You haven’t even been to court and you haven’t been sentenced for any crimes, and yet this is how they’re treating you just because you were at the January 6 protest in 2021. It’s really unbelievable that this is happening in our country. I’m definitely going to post this at the Gateway Pundit, and my prayers are with you. Hang on, but I may cut this part short. But thank you for telling me about this, Jake. I admire your courage and your faith, so our prayers are with you.

[00:05:41.740] – Jake Lang — Thank you. I appreciate that. Jim, I believe that the Political Prisoner podcast in our reach with Gateway Pundit. What we are doing is what they’re trying to shut down. Because I was in the middle of trying to film out our first video episode with Don and Cowboy Logic. And that’s when they shut me down and brought me down to the hole. They don’t want you to exercise your First Amendment right to speak out against the corrupt FBI and the wicked Department of justice system that is just every prisoner so horribly. And so they’re trying to shut me down and literally throw me in the basement of a jail with no windows in the door.  But we have great patriots like you, Jim, your outlet. Then we stand up and we do our episodes, and we continue exposing the tyrants. And they’re afraid of that. The cockroaches and the snakes are afraid of the light. That’s why they sleep in their dens and underneath the carpet. As soon as you bring the light out, they slither away.

[00:06:48.360] – Jim Hoft — Amen. Jake, I was going to add one other thing, and that is previously you had no problem contacting me. And since we started these podcasts from your prison cell, prison block, just getting the truth out, and you’re interviewing patriots across America, you’re telling your story. You can no longer get a hold of me. And you know, Jake, I want to add to that. We used to receive several calls a week from the political prisoners from January 6, and at this point, it’s down to really nothing. I think they blocked our phone. So this is what they’re doing because you’re speaking out about your situation and this injustice.

[00:07:33.410] – Jake Lang — Yeah, I think that I actually know for a fact that they have because I was able to call you. So… the American tyrannical regime have gone ahead and been able to make it so nobody from jail can call you anymore, Jim. And that’s just horrendous. I mean, you’re part of the free American media, and we have a First Amendment right, freedom to the press and freedom of speech here, and it’s just being trampled on as well as all of our other liberties. But that’s our last line of defense, when we’ve been tossed away into a cage for years, away from trial, and you’re trying to get out your side of the story, which is the most basic human right, is being able to tell your side of the story, which the January 6 Select Committee obviously did not let us do. And then they start blocking your access to the media, throwing you in the basement, the jails, taking away your tablets, taking away all of your fundamental rights just to survive. You know, you’re living in a SEC.

[00:08:33.710] – Jim Hoft — Yes, absolutely, Jake. God bless you. I’m going to stop this recording right here. Hang on, though.

[00:08:40.380] – Jake Lang — Okay.

[00:08:40.990] – Jim Hoft — Thank you, Jake.

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