Doctors in Hospital Adhered To Murderous CDC Protocols That Killed This Woman’s Husband and Thousands of Innocent Americans

At this point, it’s clear, going to the hospital for Covid treatment is dangerous and usually deadly.

Doctors at hospitals nationwide continue to abide by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s protocols that require medical practitioners to intubate Covid patients and administer lethal doses of “Covid cocktails” including Remdesivir, a drug known to cause renal failure.

Doctors who refuse to comply with the CDC regulations were revoked their medical licenses early on and even faced criminal charges.

And under the CARES Act, the health practitioners administering the deadly Covid patients are legally immune.

Like thousands of Americans who allegedly died from Covid, Robert Chavez was healthy with no medical conditions until he went to a hospital for Covid treatment where he was held hostage, starved and dehydrated and died.

Medical officials claim Robert died of Covid, but an investigation reveals he was actually killed after being withheld oxygen and administered a cocktail of drugs that shut down his organs.  

“My husband was a completely healthy man,” Aletha told The Gateway Pundit. “We had been married for 16 years. He worked out every day and hiked every morning. He was super fit — no comorbidities, not overweight, had never taken medicine in his life, no medications –he had nothing.”

In August 2021, Aletha and Bob, a sheriff deputy who worked in law enforcement for 29 years, contracted COVID from a “vaccinated realtor” that had visited their home, Aletha explained.

Robert immediately tried to obtain a prescription for Ivermectin from his doctor.

But “my husband’s doctor refused to give him anything,” Aletha said. “My husband really knew a lot about what was going on —  how all of this had been politicized, how the hospitals are claiming people died from Covid when their deaths were not  COVID related — he was really on top of things. He called right away and asked if he could get Ivermectin. He was told no. He did have Hydroxychloroquine, so he asked if he could get some Azithromycin to take along with it. And they told him, ‘No, if you’re doing it for that reason, no, you just need to stay home. Get rest and just wait it out.”

Aletha’s recovered from Covid, but Robert remained sick and became increasingly lethargic. Reluctant to go to a hospital, Robert obtained a prescription for a”very low dose ” of Ivermectin from a teledoctor who advised him and his wife to monitor his oxygen levels. Suddenly, Robert’s oxygen level abruptly dropped.

“Now I realize the doctor gave him a prophylactic dose [of Ivermectin] instead of a treatment dose. But the very next day, his oxygen had dropped down right below 90. We were told if it goes below 90, we should go to the hospital,” Aletha said. “The doctor told me you need to take him to the hospital to get a breathing treatment, but he can refuse to be admitted.

My husband didn’t want to go. He was coughing a little but said, ‘I feel fine, I’m just tired. I don’t feel that bad.’ But the doctor really scared me and I said, ‘No, we really need to go. So, that night of the 17th of August, I took him to the hospital.”

After being admitted to Corona Regional Medical Center in Corona, California,  doctors refused to allow Aletha visitation.

Aletha explained what happens to Covid patients agree who agree to the hospital’s “Covid cocktail” treatment:

 They put him in an isolation room with a loud fan and they left him there overnight. They never brought him water. They never let him use the bathroom. They basically kept him in this room. I went to the hospital the very next morning and said, ‘I need to talk to a doctor, I need to know what’s going on.’ And they told me there’s no doctor available.”

I asked to speak to a nurse and they told me I had to go home and call the nurse’s station, that they could not let me see a nurse.  I went home and I did that they told me it was a shift change. I never got to speak to anyone that morning.

They started administering Remdesivir to him.  They didn’t give us informed consent. They didn’t tell us that some people have adverse reactions to it, that levels of ther kidney and liver enzymes go up.

He received five doses of Remdesivir.

And he could not understand why they were not weaning him off the oxygen. They had him on 15 liters, but his saturation levels were in the high 90s. And they kept telling me they were going to start to wean him off, but then they would not wean him off of it at all.

He called me numerous times telling me that he’s trying to contact a nurse with the button, and no one will come into his room. And so he would call me to call the nurse’s station to have them come into his room because they were just ignoring him.

He was starting to get agitated and irritated about all this. I asked him, ‘What else do they have you on?’ And he said, ‘They they have me on Ativan because I said I was anxious,’ which he had never taken in his life and they gave him Ambien to sleep.

But now that I have the medical records and the billing, I see that they had him on so many different drugs, some with contradictions to other drugs but none of which were medications to help a virus or pneumonia or anything like Covid. They even put him on an insulin, because obviously, whatever he was taking was causing his sugar levels to go up. He was never diabetic or pre diabetic.


On day 10 of Robert’s stay at Corona Regional Medical Center, Aletha received a call from a nurse notifying her that her husband would likely die soon unless he was put on a ventilator:

I get a call in the morning at 4am from a nurse. And she told me that she went into his room and he had fallen out of bed and he was slurring his words saying he needed to use the bathroom. She tells me he knew to call me if he needed to use the bathroom. The first thing I thought is, ‘He did call you and you didn’t answer like you haven’t been answering.’

She’s tells me, ‘He’s got a bump on his head. He may be slurring his words from having a stroke, so we’re going to take him to get a CT scan and MRI.’ I’m thinking to myself, ‘Why would he have a stroke, he’s perfectly healthy?’ They took him for a CT scan, it came back fine.’

I get another call from a nurse practitioner who tells me he’s in respiratory failure, and they need to intubate him right away, or he’s going to die.

My husband had told me in the beginning of COVID, never let intubate me and put me on a ventilator –that people don’t come off a majority of the time. We had discussed this and I never thought it would come to that point. But this physician assistant is telling me, ‘If we do not do this right now he will die.’ So, I agree to it, because I thought I had no choice.

They intubated him, and the next he lived one day and the second day he went into cardiac arrest and died.

Following Robert’s alleged murder, Aletha hired Truth and Honor, a group of medical practitioners that investigates malpractice, to audit Robert’s medical records.

The team of investigators discovered Robert was administered Fentanyl in addition to the Covid cocktail and “believe the nurse falsified Robert’s chart” to conceal how he had been “left without oxygen for a significant amount of time.”

“After you’ve been on oxygen for a week, have to be weaned down,” the grieving widow said. “But it was also disturbing that all of his vitals the night before he went to sleep were perfect — his heart rate, his blood pressure, his oxygen level, everything was fine. So why was he not weaned off of oxygen and sent home?

“They starved him, he lost 20 pounds in 10 days, they dehydrated him, they had him on all kinds of drugs, including fentanyl. I believe that they felt they could do whatever they wanted to do because of the immunity laws. The Cares Act protects any doctor, nurse or medical professional from legal liability if harm is done to a patient. They isolated the families because if you isolate the families, no one knows what’s truly going on within the hospital system.

Robert was also discriminated against by Corona Regional Medical Center for refusing to get a Covid vaccination, Aletha contends.

“My husband was totally healthy. But I feel they did treat him differently. I knew nurses and healthcare workers that were forced to leave their jobs for refusing to get vaccinated. That left the people that were working in the hospitals and the medical professionals the ones that were vaccinated. They felt the unvaccinated were causing this pandemic to continue,” she said. “This affected the level of care that my husband and so many others received  because on 900 pages of his medical records, at every page, it says ‘unvaccinated.'”

Aletha is a member of several groups that are coordinating efforts to hold hospitals and physicians accountable for killing their loved ones. The same protocols allegedly killed the spouses of the 900 members of the Facebook group, COVID-19 Widows and Widowers That Want Justice.

“At first, I thought it was just negligence on the hospital’s part. But then I started reaching out to other widows, locally and in other states, that had lost their husbands to Remdesivir. Our stories were so very similar,” Aletha said. “A lot of them were told that their husbands weren’t going to be given Remdesivir, but the doctors did it without their consent. A lot of them were forced into ventilation without their consent.

“Remdesivir had been pulled from the Ebola trials because it was killing 53% of the people that were in the trial. Yet, Fauci still listed it as the only treatment for COVID,” she continued. ” These hospitals are getting up to $400,000 per COVID death and if they label it a COVID death, they get a bonus of 20 percent.”

She is also a member of the Former Feds Group, a non-profit chaired by Dr. Peter McCullough that is recruiting attorneys in every state to file lawsuits against hospitals and doctors for killing people with the deadly Covid protocol.

“The former Feds group is trying to get attorneys in every state. There are now attorneys with the Former Feds Group in eight states that are taking cases,” Aletha said. “I do have an attorney now. I don’t care if I win one dime. I just want justice, and for some of these nurses and doctors to be held accountable for what they’ve done. It’s just heartbreaking. Not only do we have to go through the grief of losing our best friend, soulmates, but we have to live with how this happened to them and it’s not justifiable at all.”

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