Detroit Lions CB Saivion Smith “Collapses” on Field During NFL Game – Father Rides in Ambulance


Saivion Smith, a cornerback for the Detroit Lions, “collapses” on the field today during a game in New England.  An ambulance was brought on the field, and in something the announcers “haven’t seen”, they gestured to someone to bring his father down from the stands to ride in the ambulance.

Detroit Lions tweeted out he is being treated for a “neck injury”.

We will keep you updated as this develops.  Prayers to Saivion Smith and his family!


UPDATE:  According to Pride Of Detroit website, Dan Campbell has said Saivion has “full motor skills”.  No other comment about the injury.  Hopes he can fly home on team plane.  No confirmation of type of injury or why parents were apparently brought on field and allowed in the ambulance.

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