CRAZY: Liberal Media Compares Stroke Victim Fetterman Who Can’t Carry on a Conversation to FDR (He’s More Like Biden)

The liberal media has outdone itself again.  One outlet compared stroke victim John Fetterman from Pennsylvania, who can’t carry on a conversation, to FDR.

Penn Live released a piece today where they say:

Voters should not be pulled into the tactic of the Dr. Mehmet Oz campaign to raise concern over Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s continued recovery from his stroke earlier this year. One should recall the grueling years-long rehabilitation of an earlier prominent Democrat to battle the paralyzing impact of poliomyelitis.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn’t do badly in his subsequent service: elected President of the United States; ended the Great Depression; led the World in defeating Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire and created the Social Security System that has benefitted many millions of Americans over the years.

John Fetterman’s commitment to recovery while engaging the public and the media about the issues important to Pennsylvanians is the type of courage displayed by a prominent Republican leader.

This article contradicts the facts.  Fetterman is in no way like fellow socialist FDR who carried on radio shows for years weekly that were named Fireside Chats.  Fetterman can’t chat. 

Fetterman could hardly speak at his rally this weekend.  He’s totally shot after his massive stroke in May.

Fetterman is in such bad shape that he had to use a giant monitor with closed-captioning during his recent interview with NBC.

Fetterman made no sense during his stump speech.

*One person cheered*

Clearly, Fetterman is more like Biden than FDR.  Biden too can’t speak and makes up words whenever he is lost.

The Democrat Party is corrupt and it’s a joke.

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