War Hero and Patriot Brian Kolfage Starts New Generation Aggregation Website – TheRonald.Win

War hero and super-patriot Brian Kolfage was on War Room on Friday to discuss his new venture – a platform for the America first movement. 

Brian Kolfage is a war hero and a patriot.  After suffering severe injuries in the Iraq War, Kolfage came home and decided to make things better in the US.  When the wall was prevented from being built by RINOs like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Kolfage and Steve Bannon and others decided to build a wall themselves and they did.

Kolfage was so successful that the Feds decided to drag him through the rain, without his wheelchair or prosthetic legs, and on one arm pull himself into a vehicle after arresting him on BS charges.

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Eventually, Kolfage gave in to the Feds as they no doubt threatened him with more charges and legal fees that would bankrupt his young family.

Kolfage fights on. 

Today, Kolfage announced the start-up of a new site for America-first patriots – TheRonald.win website.  Kolfage describes the site as follows:

The Ronald was formed by angry American citizens who were sick of not having their voices heard, and fed up with news sites not publishing content that matters most.

The information you receive from mainstream news sites and other aggregators is filtered through someone else’s agenda and corporate influence.

Designed as a new generation aggregation website, The Ronald was built to revolutionize how news is viewed. Readers interact with the content on this website, resulting in constant updates. A forum-style layout was merged with a news website to create this one-of-a-kind website.

On The Ronald, you the reader posts what is important to you, then other readers will upvote what matters most to them. Using your vote, views, shares, comments, and reactions, our system creates three different lists for you; New, Hot, and Rising. These lists are constantly updated as trends change on the site. YOU affect the trends with your interaction.

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